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2 November 2011, Sweetcrude, Lagos – Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) may have abandoned no fewer than 250 containers, containing vital equipment imported to boost power generation in the country, at the ports, as Nigerians continue to groan under epileptic power supply.
Sweetcrude gathered that while about 140 of such containers were abandoned at the Ports and Cargo Terminal in Tin Can, the remaining 110 containers had been moved to Ikorodu Customs port to rot away as over time cargo, having stayed for more than three years without anybody going for them.
It was gathered that PHCN leadership, which imported the equipment to boost power generation might have changed its mind in the belief that bringing them on board could jeopardize plans to order similar items as may be decided by management. Meanwhile, Comptroller-General of Customs, Mr Dikko Abdullahi, has warned against further abandonment of government project laden containers in the port by government agencies, stressing that such recklessness affects legitimate Customs laws as far as disposal of abandoned goods by customs was concerned.
The last sets of containers were brought here during the port decongestion exercise in 2009. This cute and compact shipping container home was built to provide shelter for researchers studying the rainforest in Far North Queensland, Australia. Despite being located in a dense rainforest that gets heavy rain on the regular, the research center stays dry as a bone inside (well maybe not that dry, but you know what we mean). Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. If you are considering modular or prefab home, or looking for an alternative to high cost construction, building with recycled shipping containers is worth taking a look at. For example, for European sailors, call Kerry Logistics in the UK or a similar Broker, such as Schenker. Contact that shipper yourself, or have your Broker do it, to make arrangements for packing the container. Most sailors pack their own containers to make sure everything is packed properly and securely. You can arrange a truck to bring a container to your Yacht Club to pack, and to take it back to the depot when you are done. This is usually easier if you need to coordinate packing several boats belonging to different people.
You could build a simple metal rack system, and screw it into the wood floor of the container. Discuss with your Broker whether you need a Carnet, or if you will just pay a temporary import bond. The Carnet is a little more expensive but usually pays for itself in the long run, especially if you are going to be in North America for a while going in and out of Canada and the US.

Example: come to Canada for training and regattas in July and August, and later sail in Florida midwinters, shipping out from there. If your container is travelling by ship, and landing in a Canadian port, there are three options. Port of Halifax East Coast, 1500 km driving distance from Kingston, the shortest route being partly through the state of Maine, USA. If you have a trailer anyway, it may make sense to unload immediately at the port where the container arrives in Canada. They have a ramp where a truck can back up, and the container can be be unloaded without taking the container off the truck.
This is especially useful for Coach boats which are too heavy to lift in and out of a container.
Expect difficulty finding an insurance company that will cover the contents for a reasonable price. Swivel, rigid or both styles of caster arrangements are available for easy maneuverability. Work closely with Granger’s in-house design team to create a shipping container to fit all fulfillment needs as well as continue to utilize current conveyor systems. As seen above, the cargo net or the enclosures to the Cargo Shipping Container can be custom designed to fit your applications needs.
The steel base of the Cargo Shipping Container can be customized to utilize existing conveyor systems, thus adapting or replacing older, less durable containers that eat away at maintenance budgets. Various caster arrangements are available and as always, many standard or customized color options are available, so matching a precise shade is never a problem. The Truck Shipping Containers evenly yield out 48' trailers (26 units) and 53' trailers (29 units). Granger Plastics not only designed a container to meet a myriad of needs, but helped to keep the functionality and safety of their employees in mind while saving literally millions of dollars in maintenance and labor. The Granger Plastics Company further pursued this innovation and went to market with the Truck Shipping Container and Cargo Shipping Container Series. In-house design engineers are available to create a specialized container to meet specific product needs maximizing efficiency and minimizing loss of both product and time. Let Granger Plastics become a partner with your company to reduce material handling, labor costs and maintenance with the Cargo Shipping Container! Made of two conventional shipping containers, the house has a full 90 square meters of living space and stays dry and free of insects and vermin despite the heavy tropical rain that is typical to the area. Leaving a space between the containers allows for a semi-enclosed area for storage, hanging out or doing research.

This won't help much in the overall process, but they can answer questions about details, and local nuances. Sometimes a 200 km truck delivery is the same price as unloading it yourself because of Union rules.
They have the cranes there, and all loading and unloading happens while the Container is at ground level. Work with our engineering team to create a custom container to replace older, less durable containers that eat away at budgets.
Proper movement to fit the exact container application allows for highest efficiency and safest functionality.
When properly maximumized acroos a network or fleet, the Cargo Shipping Containers can offer direct savings in efficiencies, reusability and maintenance! While prototypes can be easily mapped out using a variety of processes, production projects must have tooling designed and produced to materialize. The nature of this application requires certain design elements to be implemented in order to produce the most reliable parts. On March 20, 2006, Larry, a category 5 cyclone with wind gusts traveling up to 283kmh battered the area but when the dust settled, the tough house was still standing (with some minor damage to its canopy) - a testament to shipping container power!
There is a total of 30sqm of dry sleeping area, 15sqm of mostly dry cooking area and 45sqm of covered outdoor area. While the overhead canopy that shaded the rooftop sitting area was crushed by huge falling branches, the resilient containers escaped unharmed – yet another example of shipping container architecture impressing us with its versatility and durability.
Granger Plastics Company leads the industry in groundbreaking innovation in rotomolding design. Believe it or not, the entire project, including the containers, trucking the containers some 500km, screening in the cargo doors, steel, cement, sand and gravel, nuts, bolts, carports, C-section, screens, timber, decking oil and painting cost only $16,000 AUS.

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