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After the overwhelming praise for our previous post on cargo container homes and offices we simply couldn’t resist doing a follow-up with even more amazing shipping container architectural designs from around the world. Above is an amazing shipping container living space that transforms on demand into a modular work of recycled architecture.
Completed in 2003, this East London youth center took only 1 day to construct the exterior!
The Linx Shipping Container Shelter offers an innovative solution for temporary shelter applications, such as for construction workers.
Hybrid Seattle takes a highly stylized and creative approach to creating container architecture designs.
Lot-Ek is always on the cutting edge of strange and interesting architectural designs so it is no wonder they have their own visions of shipping container houses. So if all of this got you somewhat more interested in the idea of having a shipping container structure of your own there are firms like Royal Wolf who create and sell reconstructed shipping containers.
Steel shipping containers are the temporary homes of countless consumer items being transported all around the world. Shipping container architecture is one of the biggest (relatively) new things in building these days. What’s involved in buying, designing and building cargo container homes that are more than just art projects? Recycled shipping containers are known to building designers and architects for their low cost and ease of use.
6 AugSmall, cheap, portable and green, recycling shipping containers into houses is taking off. When I came across these yesterday I thought wow some great ideas going on here but they had “Haiti” plastered all over them. The exterior of the Shipping container was then covered with cement board panels by CertainTeed as well as redwood. Inside the office you will find a drain back water based radiant heating system that is connected up to a 200 gallon holding tank as well as two 4?x8? solar thermal panels.
The window you can see in the photo was recovered from a salvage yard as well as the sliding door. Natural cooling is something I will be covering in more detail in the future but I wanted to open up with this concept design which doesn’t look 100% in the garage access for example but the way its built into a hill side does throw up some very good natural cooling abilities. Intermodal Design although putting emphasis on disaster relief for container homes as you can see here in their “stages” of construction it also makes sense for low budget housing. Building villages in these types of units allows the whole community to develop together, it also bonds the community together as they are more likely to get involved in each others projects to complete the homes into their finished state. The concept and idea is simple interconnecting 40 shipping containers to form up small shop units and literally have a “pop up mall”.
When I started looking at shipping container homes I had already spent a few years working with modular construction of hotels as well as timber frame housing.
On the other hand though many people are very against the idea without even listening to the argument.
In China its having the same problem as Shenzhen where a lot of the manufacturing is done in the country has seen house prices climb to unrealistic levels for most people to purchase. The owners of the shipping container homes often don’t have rights of land ownership that leave them a fear of being towed away in the middle of the night. A report by the Economics Daily said that a Mr Wang purchased a container for 10,000 yuan (US$1,465) and rents the land it sits upon. The one good thing out of this is that Container home manufacturers are finding a growing market which will no doubt also improve the quality of the homes. To get an idea of the severity of the housing problem the land has seen prices rise around 40% between December and January.
Its still something that is being debated on the practicalities of using shipping containers as homes.
First thing is excess to requirements, they are easy to come by and not hard to find ports full of them and at a cheaper price than traditional construction methods would cost for a similar structure building block.

In international shipping the shipping containers are cheap to come by due to having a short life expectancy for shipping often only a few years, unless your living somewhere like the Philippines where I have seen containers still in daily use from the 80s! By design they are made to resist harsh seas and oceans and this gives not only a strong building structure but also an anti corrosive structure avoiding the salt air. Modular construction use is also something that is important as you can build a home in phases with a bit of planning adding shipping containers as your budget allows.
Natural cooling the cheap and beautification way of cooling a shipping container home if you take a look at these photos below which are actually a medical housing centre  called Salam Center located in Soba,Khartoum. A young couple dreamed of living in their own home 20 minutes outside of the city, where they could enjoy the natural landscape with their horses.
From self-transforming shipping container rooms to towering retail and loft spaces and emergency housing, here are ten additional examples of amazing recycled designs (including information on a company you can hire to create your own modified shipping container places). This living area is made from one large shipping container that is modified to open up with the push of a button to form a usable living area. The 85 foot high structure really emphasizes the company’s dedication to eco-friendly products, which includes messenger bags made from recycled tarps and tires. When they are done designing the containers themselves become a colorful structural system complete with nuanced design additions and modifications that blur the line between container and architecture. This inexpensive home was created by Espace Mobile who sell prefab homes like this one for between 55,000 and 95,000 Euros.
The shelter is made out of 20 foot long shipping container that can be stacked 2-stories high. Many of their works are, so far, purely academic exercises showing the potential possibilities of shipping container structures. Their solutions rely on a relatively simple external configuration that provides for more complex spatial possibilities on the interior of their structures. A lot of their applications are fairly low-tech (but thus also way more affordable) such as storage or work-site offices, refrigeration and so on.
From the basic box-shaped homes to very creative constructions, these unusual homes come in many shapes and sizes. No offence but the disaster relief as well as low cost housing solutions shouldn’t be limited to Haiti. They are however very viable for many uses although staircases need altering for safety reasons on the images but the concept in general is fantastic.
Cork flooring was used on the interior as well as the walls being covered with reclaimed fir and Homasote panels. Wherever possible recycled materials were used price wise the project came in at around $150sqft. For me it also makes the difference between government handouts and people taking responsibility for themselves as evolving their home from what would be just a live in shipping container to an evolved home where you can’t tell its a container is what can change the perspective of many on how container living works.
Which in reality is what any architect in housing development wants more than anything or should be social development and community building.
Advantage in the concept is utilization of land that won’t be developed for at least 5 years allowing quick temporary and functional usage at a low cost. Bit like a friend of mine who had no money week to week, flash car and upmarket home but an empty pocket. In steps the shipping container home which may even before be seen as a “joke property” its now seeing a development as a low cost housing solution across east and west of Shenzhen City. He had originally dreamed of owning a home when he first moved to the city but quickly found the cost of living increasing a lot faster than his salary increases.
They are now able to successfully compete in the housing market due to the huge demand for low-cost housing.
At the same time showing some of the benefits of shipping container housing can hopefully answer some of those questions. The strong reinforced floors with marine glade plywood or timbers, vandal proof robust doors as well as weather resistant paint make it a hardy building block. Then add to that the emergency housing aspect allowing moving containers around the world to disaster zones or construct on site as well as being able to construct entire villages in a short time period make the shipping container not only a single based solution but a multi functional concept for many of the worlds problems.

Using natural materials to form partitions and a roof structure between container units you can get an idea from the photos below how much shade is being given. They made the bold choice of exploring with architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe the possibility of creating an inexpensive shipping container home that allowed them to live the life they always dreamed of and be dept free.
It took only 8 days to piece together each container into a total of 22 office space units.
Each one of these homes comes with a 3-year warranty, and each section of the house is 4 meters wide by 1-15 meters long. The structure includes a kitchen, dining room, showers, bathrooms, office space, and sleeping areas – not exactly your average construction worker shelter! However, they have build some small-scale modular housing units to test their theories and are in the process of developing a larger cargotecture housing project this year. However, they have extensive experience creating living spaces, recreation rooms, kitchens, diners, workshops and more for private citizens and the military. These places would work not only for poor but business sector workers in developing nations where city prices are expensive. This then was outgrown as Shoup became a father so he began developing a plan to increase the space to create more room in the backyard. The shipping container sides were filled with batt insulation and then covered with rigid insulation with a radiant barrier. I originally was looking at an underground shipping container in a similar way for cheese making back in 2007 to keep an ambient temperature here in the Philippines.
Putting waste land to work and at the same time creating jobs and an increased retail environment for the local community. In reality the shipping container home can do a role reversal because you start with money not debt due to cheaper costs of living as the one thing we can’t do without is a roof over our heads. The main reason for choosing one is obviously cost where they can be rented for 6 yuan (US$0.88) per day, which adds up to only 180 yuan (US$26) a month, and 2,160 yuan (US$316) a year. A price to pay if you want to be in the City but with the average price of housing being 20,000 yuan per square meter (approximately US$272 per square foot) there is more likely to be an increase in container living rather than reduction in the area.
Because property rentals were also too expensive to rent he took residence up inside an abandoned container that he found in a construction site.
In the second photo you can see the partitions have created a walkway at the same time keeping the suns heat away from the container units but also allows airflow along the new partition corridor to aid in natural cooling. One of the important goals for architect was to provide customers with the spectacular views, the sunset, the sunrise, and overall create a feeling of home and comfort. Mile End Youth Centre has been considered the future of inexpensive construction for buildings such as this one. Construction of this building was completed in 2005, and the result was a cost-effective office space and awesome views of the Thames River. Quite simply they are fantastic images and I can see how these shipping container homes could quickly become a shipping container city. He created the office using an old retired freezer and a shipping container formed in an L shape. Also constructing inside the hillside does give a lower impact visually on the construction of the home which is also very appealing.
As the ideas expand for container living so does the opportunities to look at others for inspiration for our own projects.This one shows a touch of luxury that could be achievable either mobile or fixed for container living. This place offers spectacular views of the countryside through its floor-to-ceiling windows.

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