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Our specialised dry cargo containers come in many variations to suit varying cargo uses and storage options. Used Shipping Containers; A Grade, B Grade & C Grade George Shaw 03-Mar-2014Do I need to get my container up off the ground?
Shipping Container Dimensions & SizesApril 23, 2015 by tamaraComments are offit turns out not all containers are exactly the same size. Also, it’s interesting that if you search for “Shipping container dimensions or Shipping container sizes” you don’t get a straight answer. Different manufacturers use different materials for constructing their containers, so some containers will have larger internal dimensions than others, but using the chart below you can be assured of the minimum dimensions for a container.
40’ containers however are 40’ in length and have the same height and width dimension as 20’ containers. The external dimensions of containers are specified in ISO 668, with the maximum dimensional tolerances being ± 10 mm.
So you want to build a shipping container home but are uncertain which containers you need and also where and how to buy them?
There are a variety of choices here, the most popular of which are the standard 20 or 40 foot container, or the High Cube 20 or 40 foot container.
You choice will be made on both the availability of the containers in your local area, and also the plans which you’ve drawn up.
Clearly the decision of whether to buy new or used containers will most likely come down to your budget, however there are a few points to take into consideration. New or one trip containers will be in much better condition than used containers so this will make it easier to build with them; they will also have a longer expected lifespan than used containers.

However, you pay the price for this as discussed later on in the blog post under ‘How Much Should I Expect To Pay?’. Used containers do offer the advantage of being cheaper than new containers and you can get your hands on them much quicker. If you decide to purchase new or one trip containers generally you won’t need to inspect the containers too closely if. Make sure it is watertight and doesn’t have any leaks (if you can see daylight coming through the container roof- don’t buy it). Although you should expect typical wear and tear with the wooden flooring make sure it is still intact and doesn’t contain any holes. Expect some dents and very light rust, however if the container has a large amount of corrosion to the extent where the metal is weakened or worse yet, you can see through it- don’t buy it.
Use your nose and check the container doesn’t smell of mold (which would indicate leaks) or harsh toxic chemicals such as pesticides. Make sure you get up on the roof of the container and check it for any signs of leaks or corrosion. Check Digit: is a single digital number, it’s used to cross-verify if the identification sequence is accurate. Clearly this will vary depending on the containers you’ve decided to buy, however we have put some estimates below to give you a rough idea. So now you know how to inspect shipping containers to make sure they are adequate to build with and where to buy them form.
I have purchased 5 acres of land and I am trying to find a way to make payments on containers.

I would recommend you call you nearest port and they should keep a list of dealers in the local area. Shown below are some of the configurations that we have designed and provided to many customers worldwide. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The reason for that is that the ISO standard for container sets the external dimensions, but only a MINIMUM for internal dimensions. Today we are going to take a look through the entire process starting at identifying the containers you will need, then looking at how to inspect the containers before finally looking at where you can buy them from and how much you should expect to pay for them. If you have the budget and can source them, High Cube containers make a better choice because you get an extra foot in height inside the container which makes a big difference. In addition the risk of unknown chemical contamination is greatly reduced (most used containers are treated with hazardous chemicals such as pesticides and lead-based paint). Manufacturers have slight variations which could make working with different brand containers difficult. To allow for stacking of 20’ and 40’ containers with a small space in between the 20’ containers. Internal container dimensions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but they must satisfy the minimum criterion below.

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