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In these difficult times it might seem that getting finance for almost anything is going to be hard, not least a shipping container. But like most other durables, containers are an asset - and therefore can be financed just like most other assets. As ever it's key to shop around and to go to specialists - and turn to the internet to find the best deal! Quite simply like this: you chose your container types be it one or a hundred makes no difference the rate is the same.

In the event of default all containers will be repossessed and all costs and recovery charged against the renter.
We offer a great range of New and Used Shipping Containers, Storage Containers from standard specifications such as 10ft, 20ft and 40ft to your own bespoke design we are able to cater to any specific design or idea. We do not only supply Shipping and Storage containers, as a part of the Container Cabins group we also supply a extensive range of high quality new and used portable offices, toilets, canteens and drying rooms. We have stock varied across the country and are able to dispatch a unit from your local depot to your required location.

Our costs and bids will be inclusive and cover all product costs and asssociated shipping costs  directly to the nearest port, any bonding and customs brokerage fees, import duties, and clearing of US or Canadian Customs.  Drayage costs, Customs holds or inspections, delays caused by any Customs actions not controlled by us as importers, container hold-over costs, unloading, etc are the sole responsibility of the buyer of the products.

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