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Modern landscaping is often recognized by smooth streamlined beauty and sleek sophisticated style.
TenderCare Lawn & Landscape, located in Derby, Kansas is a full-service landscaping company that has been serving Wichita, Derby and surrounding Kansas areas. For questions about modern landscaping for your home or business contact TenderCare Lawn & Landscape today. Vis Nova Trading has sold the pellet plant operated by Holzkontor and Pelletierwerk Schwedt (HPS) to the British subsidiary of French energy firm EDF, EDF Trading Limited. The Schwedt pellet plant: to the left, bark is removed from the timber, which is then ground up.
Vis Nova head Ludger Spohr told Renewables International that the plant in Schwedt does not quite fulfill the energy trader's targets.
To mount the actual shelf in the rails, I just screwed a screw into it at an angle into each rail. Because the top of the shelf is actually above eye level, I put the screws in from the top. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to be the first that gets our latest plans and for some other exclusive content. Also, follow us on Pinterest to get many ideas for your backyard from all the internet! A planter bench is a great addition for decks and small gardens, as they add character and enhance the look of any backyard.
To Tip: You should adjust the size of the bench planter to your needs, but use the same carpentry techniques to get the job done. You can also add some 1×4 pieces under the frame to create a small clearance space between the ground and the frame. Fit 2×2 supports under the frame, if you really want to enhance the rigidity of the frame.
As you can see you can learn how to build this garden bench in just one weekend, if you follow my step by step plans and instructions.
The secret for a neat result is to select perfectly straight slats and to take accurate measurements before making the cuts. Top Tip: Apply several coats of wood stain to protect the wood from rot and to enhance its rustic appearance. My 9 year old son and I built this in a weekend, because I needed to get him away from screens. If you are all about saving money and minimize waste, you could make the slats for the planters 24″. Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments.
Eliminate steep, difficult to mow slopes, stop erosion and create attractive planting beds with an easy to assemble wood retaining wall.
This wall is unusual in that it doesn't rely on dead weight or deep pilings to keep from caving in or shifting.
Every slope is different, so plan to establish a level base, then step it up or down as needed to handle hills that slope sideways.
We built the exposed surfaces of this wall with brown pressure treated lumber and below-grade members with less expensive green treated lumber. A good-looking retaining wall depends on level footings, and the best way to establish level over long distances is with a builder's level.
Rotate the scope until it's directly over two of the four adjusting nuts and twist the nuts until the bubble is centered in the vial. Looking through the scope, you'll see crosshairs that will tell you the exact height of whatever is being measured (see Photo 7) relative to a “benchmark,” or starting point. Build a 90-degree assembly jig from 2x4s (shown in blue) to keep the stanchions square while you nail. Coat (dip or paint) the ends, especially freshly cut ones, with wood preservative to prevent rot.
If you're hardy and have lots of time on your hands, you could do all the excavating and backfilling by hand, but that's a huge job, especially for this design. Figure out how many stanchions you need (See “Ordering the lumber and hardware” below), and assemble them in your garage (Photos 1-3). Enough linear footage of brown treated 2x8 to cap the walls ordered, in any multiple of 4 ft. One Simpson TS18 Twist Strap (or the equivalent; straps are probably special order) and about 20 galvanized joist hanger nails.

A quarter pound of hot-dipped galvanized 16d nails for fastening the 2x6 planks on the back of the posts. An updated modern landscape will provide you with anoutdoor space that features clean lines and functional open areas.
We offer complete landscaping design & layout services, pest control, grade work, tree and shrub trimming, hydroseeding, pond design and implementation, sprinkler systems, brick paving, swimming pool design and installation and much more. In the pellet production building (shaped like a box), wood pellets are made and then stored in silos. These two countries have significant market segments for the cofiring of wood pellets in coal plants and for use in cogeneration units. Spohr puts the facility's capacity utilization at 60 percent, with a production volume of 130,000 tons per annum. If you like to spend time in your garden, but a simple outdoor bench is a little too common for your tastes, you should consider building a nice wooden bench with two planters attached on both sides.
There are many designs and shapes you could choose from, starting with a simple bench adjacent to a large planter, up to more complex constructions, such as a wooden bench attached to two planters. Work with good judgement, making sure all the components are aligned, before driving in the screws.
In order to add personality to the planter bench, we recommend you to build the trims from 2×4 lumber.
Make sure the large planters are aligned properly, before building the wooden bench between them. This outdoor bench is extremely sturdy and if you invest in weather resistant lumber, such as cedar or redwood, it will be the attraction point of your backyard for many years in a row. In addition, you need to make sure the edges are perfectly flush before inserting the screws and nails.
You don’t have to fit large containers to the planters, as you have an easier alternative to fill them with lively flowers. Therefore, fill the head of the screws with a good wood putty and let it dry out properly for several hours.
If this design is not what you are looking for, I suggest you to take a look over my other projects. If you want to see more outdoor plans, check out the rest of our step by step projects and follow the instructions to obtain a professional result. I would be thrilled to see how your planter bench looks like so feel free to send a few images.
Another method would be to assemble the panels by attaching the braces to the slats and them joint the four sides together.
Instead, it gets its soundness from the inherent strength of a rigid triangle assembly and the dirt that's piled behind it.
Then rotate the scope 90 degrees so it's over the other two adjusting nuts and level it again.
Divide the total wall length of each tier by 4 and add 1 to get the total number you need to build.
At TenderCare Lawn and Landscape out skilled design team can help create your outdoor retreat incorporating modern materials that deliver function, beauty and value to your space.
Germany still has no market for industry pellets, which have a greater ash content than premium pellets, because Germany is still entirely a heat market requiring premium pellets.
While that figure is in line with the German average, the result is nonetheless not satisfactory. After selecting the right plans for your needs, you should buy quality materials for the job, such as cedar, redwood or pine slats. Work with great care, making sure the corners are square and the joists perfectly aligned one with another. Use a spirit level to make sure the walls are perfectly plumb, otherwise the planter won’t be symmetrical.
Use a spirit level to plumb the supports before securing them with screws to the planters, otherwise the seat won’t be perfectly horizontal. Drill pilot holes trough the slats, countersink them and insert the 2” screws, or drive the screws trough the supports in the slats. You can 1×2 fit cleats to the interior of the planters and then create a false bottom just a few inches from the top. The very earth that's the enemy of most retaining walls actually works with this design to give it strength.

The headers, footers, braces and shelves anchor the stanchions deep into the side of the hill to keep the wall from tipping out or sliding away from the slope. If upper tiers will rest on earth that's been disturbed from building a lower wall, you might have to wait as long as six months for the soil to settle naturally, especially in dry weather. If your lumberyard doesn't carry brown, use green for all the parts and stain any exposed wood after the wall is up. Rest the bottom of the brace on the header and adjust the brace until the top of the hanger is about 3 in. Nail two shelves on the top of the header, one on each side of the brace (see Photo 6 and Fig.
Make sure the wooden components are perfectly straight and in good condition, before starting your project. Moreover, don’t forget to countersink the head of the screws, before inserting the wooden screws. The best part is it looks great on my deck, my wife loves it, and I may have started a new passion with my son.
We'll demonstrate the assembly, layout, backfilling and anchoring techniques that will make you comfortable tackling this project yourself.
A special steel strap (Photo 2) ties the 45-degree brace to the top of the posts to keep everything straight up and down. Hasten the process by soaking the backfill (the fresh dirt behind the lower wall) with a sprinkler a few hours a day for a few days, and then allow a couple of extra days for the soil to dry out before starting higher tiers.
To handle the transition between tiers, install bulkhead planks (Photo 15) between the upper and lower posts. Both the green and the brown wood used in this wall are rated for “ground contact” (not for below grade or foundation use).
We rented one and spent seven hours doing what a professional could have done in an hour and a half at a much lower cost. After the upper wall was finished, we backfilled and graded the entire area surrounding the walls to get it ready for sod. Pound a stake near the center of the hole, keeping the top of the stake even with the top of the hole. Vis Nova trades pellets on the European market.The plant can work with a wide range of feedstock materials, including making wood pellets directly from timber.
Nonetheless, the firm seems to prefer to procure pellets from third-party suppliers, so it no longer needs the plant.The new owner, EDF Trading Limited, is the British subsidiary of French energy firm Electricite de France SA (EDF).
Last but not least, add a good wood glue to the edges of the components, in order to enhance the bond of the joints.
However, this wall will easily last a few decades—especially if you brush or dip the cut board ends with wood preservative (Photo 4).
Nail the hanger onto the post with joist hanger nails and tack the brace to the header with two 3-in.
It took three separate sessions with the loader to dig out and backfill our double-tier wall. In other words, the plant is not completely dependent upon the classic raw materials for wood pellet production in Germany: wood chips and sawdust. The UK is currently rapidly expanding the cofiring of biomass and coal plants in an attempt to make the coal sector more environmentally friendly.
EDF also hopes that Schwedt will help it enter the Polish market, which uses pellets made from straw. German Pellets, Europe's largest pellet producer, set up such a facility in August 2010 in Erndtebruck, but that plant produces pellets for the domestic market, which offers higher prices than exports do; Schwedt went into business in mid-2006. For instance, the Canadians provide very good quality and large volumes, but transportation is long and freight costs hard to calculate because they fluctuate on the global market. The industrial pellet markets in Benelux, the UK, and Scandinavia therefore get there products from multiple sources. Spohr says that Vis Nova currently trades 200,000 to 250,000 tons per annum, making the firm one of the biggest traders of pellets.

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