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Saturday morning, Shae helped me drag the frame out of the garage and put it next to its final resting place.
Due to its weight, we decided that I would build the rest of it in place, so we marked out where it would go on the grass. After dragging the skeleton into place and leveling it, I started fitting the metal panels. Once all of the floorboards were installed, I grabbed some left over heavy duty plastic from when we lined one of our crawlspaces and carefully placed it into the planter to make a liner. With the liner stapled to the top of the planter, I cut 3″ corrugated, perforated drainage tube to fit the bottom. Besides sowing seeds, something that will have to wait until it gets a bit warmer, the only big item left to complete the project is to add gravel along the perimeter like so. I have really appreciated my Really Raised Bed for starting transplants and nurturing tender plants I get in the mail. Seeing several self-watering gardens on YouTube, I decided to make my own…and it has been a rousing success!
When I first moved into my new home with my significant other, I fell in love with the backyard. Once complete, test the water pressure and get ready to be a little wet adjusting your pressure and valves.

Living green walls are great for your health, home, and environment, but the thought of upkeep is enough deter many from taking the plunge.
The structure includes a wide customizable frame, modular plant cassettes that hold 4-inch plants, a water tank, and a hidden self-watering cloth wick system that delivers water to the plants through capillary action.
Other living walls on display at Greenbuild included the LiveDivider, a freestanding double-sided living wall that adds privacy with a touch of green and noise reduction.
We also loved that all of Suite Plant’s modular living wall options make it easy to swap out plants for a more festive flair, such as poinsettias for the holiday season. I built my own little greenhouse and quickly expanded it to a mini garden with some stand up pots. Fortunately, Suite Plants created a modular green wall solution that’s so easy to maintain that even the most brown-thumbed gardener should have nothing to fear. Our favorite is the LivePicture, a piece of “living artwork” that hangs on the wall as easily as a painting and is thin enough to meet ADA standards. Users own need to fill up the tank every four to six weeks, and there’s an in-built warning system to indicate when it’s full or empty. The LivePanel also uses modular plant cassettes and a cloth wick system, as well as a clip-on gutter and hose system. The 282-pound wall can hold up to 20 gallons of water and hold 54 four-inch plants on each side.

The only maintenance needed other than refilling the water tank on a monthly basis is picking off dead leaves. Water sits in the bottom of the tub and is wicked upward gradually by the compressed soil in the cups. Equipped with an integrated and highly efficient irrigation system, Suite Plants’ products require no electricity or water pumps, and can even be mounted on a wall as easily as a painting. The LivePanel only weighs 8.2 pounds per square foot of planted area and recycles water to ensure zero runoff or wastewater.
One of the conference rooms at Greenbuild showed off the beautiful LiveFence, panels of ivy grown on a galvanized high carbon steel security fence, used as a speaker backdrop. Suite Plants currently operates as a wholesaler and does not sell directly to consumers, but you can find their products through dealers, listed on their website.

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