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Designed by Triptyque and dubbed Harmonia 57, the unique office building is set amidst a creative neighborhood on the west side of Sao Paulo. A complex water recycling network collects rainwater and grey water for use in irrigation and toilets, while a green roof helps minimize storm water runoff. The project is composed of two volumes joined by a metal footbridge above an internal plaza. Large windows, operable shutters and terraces allow daylight to penetrate the interior spaces and lend the building a feeling of lightness. Rainwater is collected from the green roof and grey water is recycled to provide water for toilet flushing and irrigation. The living wall and green roof act as a buffering skin for the building and serve to insulate the interiors and reduce noise.
Add shelter and organization for recycling and waste bins with a recycling center made from basic building materials. Recycling and waste bins are neatly stacked and sheltered in this streamlined recycling center made from basic building materials. MiniMax is UW Recycling’s desk-side, self-service waste collection system based on the concept “minimize waste, maximize recycling”. MiniMax is self-service, which means that building occupants take responsibility for emptying their bins into centralized recycling and garbage containers. Taking care of it, you’re aware of it: that’s the concept behind the self-service nature of the MiniMax program.
When your mini garbage bin is full, you are responsible for emptying it into the nearest common area receptacle; custodians will no longer enter individual offices to empty garbage bins. Wondering what UW colleagues have to say about their building’s conversion to MiniMax?
For staff with a black, plastic waste bin that’s in good condition, your existing waste bin will be repurposed as a recycling bin and you will be given a mini garbage bin. These 10-gallon bins are placed in conference rooms and come in sets of 3 – garbage, mixed containers and mixed paper recycling. These 23-gallon bins are placed in centralized areas where they are convenient for staff to empty their materials.

These 23-gallon bins are placed in centralized areas, typically in a kitchen or break room.
Two volumes make up the building, which is clad in a porous concrete skin with pockets for plants. The office building and artist atelier was completed in 2008 and it recently won the 2010 ‘Built Environment’ award from the Zumtobel Group.
The front volume is raised and rests on pillars, while the back volume is set on a solid foundation and includes a ‘bird like’ feature on the roof.
Porous concrete is used for the facade of the building, which is covered in plants set into niches and irrigated by a misting system. The network of pipes is integrated into the architecture as an aesthetic feature as well as a functional one. Plants were chosen based upon both their aesthetics and growing capabilities, some were chosen to provide shade, while others crawl over the surface of the building providing a layer of humidity for other plants.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. MiniMax is a set of bins consisting of a 28-quart recycling bin and a smaller 3-quart mini garbage bin that can hang from the side of the recycling bin. The self-service model builds awareness around recycling and promotes personal responsibility for waste generation. The entire building’s waste infrastructure is reviewed and bins are moved, removed or added to allow for best coverage. Use of MiniMax promotes personal responsibility for waste generation, building awareness around how much or how little waste we each generate. These containers come in sets of 3 – garbage, mixed containers and mixed paper recycling.
One compost bin per floor (where applicable) is added to a set of recycling and garbage bins. UW Recycling will work with you and your building coordinator to conduct a site visit to assess your building’s space for MiniMax desk-side bins and any common area bin needs. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

It also allows custodians to redirect their collection efforts to tasks more essential to the health of the University. The goal is to ensure there are common area bins (recycling, garbage, or even compost) available to all building occupants for emptying their desk-side MiniMax bins.
In 2011, the MiniMax program incorporated the addition of centralized compost bins, serviced by custodians, as a standard component of MiniMax installation. Self-sorting waste into appropriate recycling, composting and garbage bins further educates individuals about recycling best practices.
Custodians will still empty the common area bins and UW Recycling will add additional bins as appropriate. For staff with any other type of waste bin, your desk-side garbage and recycle bins will be removed and replaced with the MiniMax set. However, these containers can also serve as centralized collection locations for staff of the building. Please note that UW Recycling prefers to partner with building coordinators to ensure that education and communication about MiniMax is shared with everyone in the building.
Also, the bins are unlined, which significantly reduces the number of plastic liner bag that go to the landfill.
This addition greatly increases the public area composting options available on campus. After the site visit has been conducted, the installation of bins will be scheduled for time that works best for everyone involved. Some people like to use their mini bin to collect food scraps and approved compostable serviceware.
However, once a building has been converted to MiniMax, the custodians will no longer service any desk-side containers.

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