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Now That You Have That Feature Done I Want It To Do Something Else Instead Web Developer Meme. Since Windows 10 released, I figured it’d be appropriate to post some that I found to be funny. Having learned about personas and written some sample personas, the next step toward usability testing is to document the scenarios under which these personas typically use the program.Scenarios are key to performing a good usability test.
Diana, Renata and Ciarrai have posted some great work on personas, and recently wrote some sample GNOME personas. It’s completely impossible to make a fully informed decision on whether leaving the EU now would be ultimately beneficial, unless you can actually see ten years into the future. The only good thing that can really come out of this referendum is a climax of infighting in the Conservative government, so grab some popcorn for that.
It’s often a slightly silly quiz, offering you algorithm descriptions that make no sense for the question’s problem, along with the correct one, but the aim is to just to reinforce my memory by exercising my memory. A very high-level reading would be that this is about defining tools and processes to deliver software in modules, which can be larger units than packages, and e.g. Another reading would be that this is an effort to come to grips with the changing role of distributions in a world were containers are the dominant way to run and deploy applications. In this post, I want to look at how this modularity effort looks from the desktop perspective, and what we are doing in this area. Our main goal for a while has been to make it easier to get desktop applications from application developers to users. And once you’ve done all that, you will get bug reports that your application is broken with the one or other version of one of your dependencies. To improve on this sad state of affairs, we need to make applications much less dependent on the OS they run on, and on the libraries that happen to come with the OS. One takeaway from the modularity discussions mentioned earlier is that going to larger units than individual packages (ie modules) has  advantages: we thin out the dependency graph, and we get a large piece of functionality that can be tested, installed and updated as a unit.
And we can use a smart storage and transport mechanism such as OSTree to limit the impact that duplication has on bandwidth.
By decoupling the runtimes from the OS and by making them available in the same way as the applications, we  make it possible to have applications that can run on different distributions, regardless of the library versions that are included in the OS.
But what about security updates?  To make this system work, we need to offer well-maintained runtimes that application authors can rely on, and provide updates for them just as we do now with distribution packages.
We have been working towards this goal for quite a while, with the Wayland port and gnome-software as a non-package-centric installer. Furthermore, if we click on “Set Custom Range” , we go to another submenu in which we can select the date range of the journal between which the entries will be displayed. If we click any of the buttons, a text entry and a calendar is displayed from which the user can select the date or type the date into the text entry. The last option “Search Type” consists of two radio buttons which specify whether the user wants a substring match or an exact match for his query. In the coming weeks, I will be implementing all the back end functionality of the search popover (so that selecting the options in it actually affect the displayed results). Let me know in the comments about what you think of the search popover design and if some options are missing from the current design or it needs some different options.
In the next post, most probably, I will be posting a link to a video where I will demonstrate a fully implemented search popover. The calendar, in the past, used a ‘gint’ variable for locating the present location of the selector.
The simple fix-Make the ‘gint’ variables to ‘GDateTime’ variables to track the date rather than a ‘gint’ variable to track the cell position.
The difficulties- The month-view was heavily dependent on those two variables (start_date_cell and end_date_cell) On changing a variable on gint to GDateTime, a lot of changes had to be made. Thanks to the awesome community, an apparent error in the code was pointed out, resulting in the reopening of the bug #763641. User can navigate to the next and previous month by navigating to the end of the current month. What can still be done: The patch was pretty biased towards a keyboard user, there were no additions made for a mouse user, which should and will be done soon. I posted a brief description of the Five Monkey experiment a few days ago, as an introduction to a series someone suggested to me as I was telling stories of how certain things came about> One of the stories was about school Summer vacation. The story I had heard is that the Summer holiday is as long as it is, because at the origins of the modern education system, in a more agrarian society, kids were needed on the farm during the harvest and could not attend school.I do like to be accurate when talking about history, and so I went reading, and it turns out that this explanation is mostly a myth – at least in the US. But there is a grain of truth to it – in the US in the 1800s, there were typically two different school rhythms, depending on whether you lived in town or in the country. So, while there is a grain of truth (holidays were scheduled around the harvest initially), the main driver for long Summer holidays is the same as today – parents want holidays too.
This article is US centric, but I have also seen this subject debated in France, where the tourism industry has strongly opposed changes to the school year structure, and in Ireland, where we had 8-9 weeks vacation in primary school. In this post I would share some of the things I came across when dealing withthe handling of joysticks and gamepads in Linux. The first thing that I want to clarify is that Linux provides two APIs fordealing with joysticks.

For using the evdev API, I decided to use the libevdev library instead of using traditional ioctl calls as this library provided simpler higher-level access to the evdev API.
As we want it to be device independent, we use the GINT16_TO_LE helper from glib to convert a 16 bit number to little endian. My future work will involve the integration of this ‘playground’ code into the main GNOME Games code and also parsing the mapping.
The (probably apocryphal) five monkeys experiment goes like this: Five monkeys are placed in a cage. One day, when the lever is pulled, food is still delivered to the puller, but all the monkeys in the cage get an ice-cold shower for a period of time.
And yet, there are a significant number of things in modern society that are the way they are because at one point in time, there was some constraint that applied, which no longer applies in the world of air travel and computers. All to often this is the request whether it’s straight from the client, program manager, or SLT. I do like a good Astronaut meme, I feel like NASA could add a mini bar to the International Space Station.
The success of your usability test depends on how well you understand how, where, and why the program will be used. I’m proud to be from a part of Europe, and I like having the freedom to travel and work anywhere in Europe. Most of the “Leave” campaign’s arguments boil down to xenophobia, fear-mongering and “economics“. Taking power from the EU means giving more power to the Conservative party, the same delusional, incompetent, hypocritical arms-dealing racist election cheats who have been steadily running the country into the ground for the last 6 years; ruining education, welfare, healthcare, the police, the economy, the universities, and anything else they can get their hands on.
A restricted border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland would be a massive step backwards for people there. I became fully disillusioned with British politics five years ago, when we were given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change from our hopelessly unfair voting system to one that’s slightly better. The upside of leaving the EU would be that presumably the Pound will be at about the lowest it could possibly be, so GUADEC would be quite cheap for everyone! I would be surprised if we vote to leave, because money tends to control politics and there would obviously be financial losses stemming from the uncertainty that would follow a “Leave” vote. So I’ve tried to use concise descriptions of problems and algorithms, without trying to be exhaustively correct.
If not right away, then a few months down the road when the distributions move on to the latest and greatest releases.  So, keeping those packages working requires the constant attention of a package maintainer.
But there are several things we can do to preserve most of the benefits of bundling, while avoiding the worst of the problems. Applications can declare a single dependency on the runtime they need, and get a well-defined set of APIs and libraries in return. We also need to isolate applications from the rest of the system (and your data!) at runtime, in order to limit the damage that they can do.
Fighting the status quo typically means being able to communicate so effectively that powerful opponents can't win merely by outspending you. I have implemented the GUI bits of the search popover for GNOME Logs.We decided to use a complete popover design as it feels modern and didn’t want the user to open any dialog.
So, on going beyond a date in the calendar, it would go to an invalid cell, which would cause nothing to happen. Many educators these days feel for the most part that school holidays are too long, and that kids lose knowledge due to atrophy during the Summer months – the phenomenon even has a name.  And yet attempts to restructure the school year are strongly resisted, because of the amount of investment we have as a society in the school rhythms. One of the goals I wanted toachieve was to make our controller mappings compatible with the SDL ones so thatwe can reuse the community maintained controller mapping database that they have. While this code uses glib, it only uses simple helper functions from glib which can be easily reimplemented. Other things that need to be done is to handle hats properly, handle fallbacks and see if we want to detect joystick devices by polling only or use udev. The monkeys quickly learn the correlation between the lever and the cold shower, and stop any monkey from getting to the lever. Out of curiosity, the new monkey tried to pull the lever, and was beaten into submission by the other monkeys.
At this point, you can turn off the shower, secure in the knowledge that none of the monkeys will pull the lever, without ever knowing what will happen if they do.
And in turn, this depends on how well you understand this depends on the completeness of your personas.This week, let's examine scenarios. Still missing is expand these steps to show intermediate stops passed in an itinerary leg, or directions for walking in those cases. Sure we’re in the midst of a global population crisis, but leaving the EU will hardly solve that. The downside: maybe a lot more people would have to suffer Britain’s complex, offensive and arbitrary VISA application process. On the other hand, the world-class bastards who run our lying, scheming, racist, hate-filled newspapers are mostly anti EU. You will be reponsible for the libraries that you bundle, but in return your users get exactly the version that you’ve tested your app with.

Historically, the Linux desktop has been really bad about this: X lets any client snoop all input, and applications are generally free to read whatever they find in your home directory. People need to read your work or hear you speak and leave with enough conviction that they in turn can convince others. First of all, the searching part is now moved from the front end part to the actual back end of GNOME Logs which is the sd-journal API.
Currently, here we don’t allow entering the time as GTK+ does not have a specialized time widget but it can be done in future once GTK+ gets a time widget. After the patch for bug #763198, it would go to the next month but since it used the cell position, the selection dates for creating new events went bad. The harvest is mostly from August through to the beginning of October, so starting school in September, one of the busiest farming months, does not make a ton of sense.
The evdev-based API provides more detailed information aboutthe buttons and axes available and SDL2 only supports the evdev API so wedecided to go with the evdev API. This way we loop over the possible values of the code for each type (EV_KEY for button, EV_ABS for axes and hat) and map it to an increasing number.
Progressively, more of the original five monkeys are removed, and replaced with new monkeys, and they all learn the social rule – if you try to pull the lever, the group will stop you. Also, the path rendered on the map is still hard-coded to the first one found, it should be updated as the user views a specific itinerary. Never underestimate the power of the British public to completely ruin things for ourselves. I’m adding to it as I work through Tim Roughgarden’s follow-up “Second course in Algorithms“. But building an application that can run on Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch, RHEL and other modern distributions is entirely possible. So, now when the user types text into the search bar, the results are actually fetched from the journal itself. The popover design is inspired by the Nautilus search popover with much of design and code reused from it. Spring, when crops are plated, and Autumn, when they are harvested, were the busy months, and schools were closed.
That is the first valid axis code we found is axis0 or a0, the second valid axis is a1 and so on. And yes, the positioning of the headsign labels are a bit off (right before preparing screenshots for this post, I saw that in some case the route label was truncated, so I tried mitigate that, but the result is not optimal so stay tuned).And lastly, I added some animations for options toolbar GtkRevealer and the stack switching between the itinerary overview and "diving in" on an itinerary. And having multiple copies of the same library (possibly different versions, too), makes it harder to ensure that bug and security fixes get applied to all the copies.  Not to mention that all the duplication consumes bandwidth when you have to download it all. The advent of compulsory schooling brought the need to standardise the school year, and so vacations were introduced in the cities, and restructured in the country, to what we see today. And you need to be able to tailor your message depending on the audience, even down to telling an individual exactly what they need to hear to take your side. I would like to thank both of them because due to their work, I was able to implement the search popover much faster and also I learnt a lot about dealing with popovers by reading Nautilus search popover code. This was essentially a compromise, and the long Summer vacation was driven, as you might expect, by the growing middle class’s desire to take Summer holidays with their children, not the farming family’s desire to exploit child labour. Some teams use them as a reminder throughout the development life cycle about what’s important to users.Personas allow you to talk about changes to the interface based on how those changes benefit users. Not many people have all these qualities, but those who do are powerful and you want them on your side.But the skills that allow you to convince people that they shouldn't listen to a politician's arguments are the same skills that allow you to convince people that they shouldn't listen to someone you abused. It was also the hardest period of the year for children in cities, with no air conditioning to keep school classrooms cool during the hottest months of the year.
The ability that allows you to argue that someone should change their mind about whether a given behaviour is of social benefit is the same ability that allows you to argue that someone should change their mind about whether they should sleep with you. Then in week 5, we'll finally take what we've learned and compare it to how GNOME gets used, doing some additional analysis to understand the design patterns and the aspects of GNOME that we want to include in the usability test.
The visibility that gives you the power to force people to take you seriously is the same visibility that makes people afraid to publicly criticise you.We need these people, but we also need to be aware that their talents can be used to hurt as well as to help. Many questions get answered earlier and more efficiently when we have personas to help motivate and focus development work.We took a few extra days to write the sample personas, since that was added later.
As we get further into the internship, we'll see if that adjusts the overall schedule very much.I'll post the week 3 research topic very soon.
That means people need to feel safe in coming forward with their experiences, which means that nobody should have the power to damage them in reprisal. If you're not careful, allowing charismatic individuals to become the public face of your organisation gives them that power.There's no reason to believe that someone is bad merely because they're charismatic, but this kind of role allows a charismatic abuser both a great deal of cover and a great deal of opportunity.

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