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About The SiteBest of shipping containers is a site about shipping container homes & cargotecture.
We’ve put together the very best houses from around the web, so sit back, relax and enjoy them! You can make just about anything from these containers and the best part is they’re recycled so you’re doing a favour for the environment as well; stylish and eco-friendly… sounds like a match made in heaven.
These containers are incredibly strong, as they are made to carry up to thirty tonnes in each one, that’s what makes them so great for building your own house out of them; oh, did I mention they are also flood proof!? If you’re looking for even more inspiration feel free to sign up and receive our eBook, The 50 Most Spectacular Shipping Container Homes, for free!

Yeh it’s on the expensive side but this was just to show the other extreme of building shipping container homes!
Container home plans - your hub for shipping container, Container home plans is your online resource for all things shipping container homes.
Take a look at some of these incredible homes made from $1500 shipping containers! You wouldn’t think much of these old containers lying around in the shipping yard, but check out what some of these artistic geniuses have done with old $1500 shipping containers; they will blow you away! So if you’ve been inspired and are thinking about making our own, why not take a look at our plans?
I have included a video clip here from Todd Miller who built the Graceville Container Home which is flood proof.

I have always had the dream of purchasing old maritime containers and converting them for this very purpose.
It’s a huge place and above you can hear the builder and current owner talk about the house in the video above. The house is three stories high, 706 m2A , 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and comes complete with a salt water pool.

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