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This Shipping Container Shelter was built as a research shelter in far north Queensland, Australia.
It is very basic but liveable accommodation, I would probably not suggest submitting plans to the council for a certificate of occupancy with this in the state it is in, but it was never suppose to be that anyway.
It is a fantastic shipping container shelter or great start to a shipping container home Queensland, to have a place which is liveable for $16,000 in such a beautiful and remote area of Australia is amazing and if I had the opportunity I know I would be out there every weekend.. At this point in time we have not figured out the hours it took to build this shipping container shelter but once we do we will update this article, our estimate is 2 people at 8 hrs a day would take 2 weeks.
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The Concept Plans - Gives you the copyright to use the plans, or even take to your own Building Designers or Draftsman. This method costs much less than hiring a designer to create a custom home plan for you, and is faster as well.
Our group of local builders, work together to offer a higher quality, more personal and better value for money building service, through our industry network, house designs and marketing program. Our professional industry networks – our independent builders are leaders in their field. They are all dedicated to quality home design and construction through a comprehensive package of expert building and business services – with a commitment to delivering ethical, honest and quality workmanship, excellent customer service and value for money.

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Housing affordable is a key issue in Australia , and comparing apples to apples caravans are smaller and more costly then a container home. You can buy a shipping container for a few hundred dollars second hand and convert it to a container home in a few days, at a very low cost outlay especially if you use mates rates. Buying a shipping container and converting to a home can be a very cheap housing alternative to normal housing costs. In fact container homes are the best priced home options on the current market, many people are looking for low cost housing and setting up a container home in the back yard is both cheap and very fast to create. Shipping container homes survives category 5 cyclone, This cute compact shipping container home built provide shelter researchers studying rainforest north queensland, australia.. Shipping- container - architecture information repository, Examples shipping containers isbus architectural elements create container homes, container buildings, container cabins, container offices.
Shipping container homes survives category 5 cyclone, This cute and compact shipping container home was built to provide shelter for researchers studying the rainforest in far north queensland, australia..

Shipping- container - architecture information repository, Examples of using shipping containers and isbus as architectural elements to create during container homes, container buildings, container cabins, container offices. Shipping container homes & buildings - eco citizen australia, The shipping container australia long temporary dwellings offices building sites remote locations designs emerging . It had to be built to withstand extreme tropical weather and it has proven to be very strong and sturdy over the past years. Please note that this would not take into account the weather nor the tough location for this container home in Queensland.
They are made to size and reduce costs and increase the speed of a build," CIMC's John Zendler said. This option of using a shipping container also means the home is transportable , you can even design it so the power plugs in like a caravan and the sewer is connected with a temporary connection to the existing house sewer , which means it is totally movable and east to relocate. The main structure has been through at least 2 cyclones and the only thing which needed to be replaced was the cheap carports used for the top roof, now that a stronger carport has been used it should no longer need to be replaced. If you are looking to build a Shipping Container Shelter or were wondering if Shipping Container Shelters would be strong enough to last out in the bush though the toughest of weather, then this one in Queensland proves they are a great idea and very sturdy.

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