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Whether you need to purchase a Container for storage or for shipping, Budget Box keeps an inventory of Containers for sale.
Unless otherwise stated, all container sales include free delivery within 30 miles of our lot in east Tulsa. Please keep in mind that all sales are subject to Sales Tax assessed at the point of delivery, unless a valid tax exemption is used.
Clear up space on the production floor by storing stock and infrequently used tools and supplies in the Container. Containers work great for storing dry goods such as cups, to-go boxes, plates, napkins, cutlery, spices, etc. Budget Box sells and delivers a variety of Containers for a variety of purposes, including Containers for Storage and for Shipping. Our Storage Containers are sold in Wind and Water Tight (WWT) condition, and are guaranteed for one year. BBMS GuaranteeA – All containers sold in Wind and Water Tight (WWT) condition within 50 miles of Tulsa, OK are guaranteed to remain WWT for a period of one year from the date of purchase under normal use as a Storage Container. Containers used for International Shipments must be surveyed by a certified inspector and declared to be in Cargo Worthy condition.
Although containers can be set directly onto level ground, there is a lot of steel under the floor of a container. Gravel –A Placing the container on a gravel pad is preferred, as it both keeps the underside of the container dry, and keeps the container at ground level for easy access. Cap Blocks – If gravel isna€™t an option, the container can also be placed on Concrete Cap Blocks in order to raise it off the ground and get airflow underneath the container to prevent corrosion. We deliver our own containers, on our own specialized trucks and trailers, driven by our own drivers.
Please refer to our Delivery & Pickup Page for complete details regarding space requirements. We strive to offer the best product at the best price, and are almost always priced well below competitors on similar containers. The Williams family has been in the Container Business in Oklahoma since 2000 when Don Williams (father) added container sales to his machine shop business in Grove, OK.
After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in International Business, Jay Williams spent 10 years as a Product Development Executive in the Toy and Sporting Goods industries.

In 2011, Allied Container Sales, LLC purchased another local company, Budget Box, specializing in the rental of storage containers. Remodeling projects go so much easier when furniture and other keepsakes are stored out of the way, locked up securely on your property, inside the container. Inspecting the overall condition of the container to make certain that it remains a€?wind, water and rodenta€? tight.
Our Rentals units are equipped with a custom Lock-Box that locks the doors together, providing an added layer of security. The following BBMS Terms of Use v.1 may be downloaded here, signed and faxed to 866-634-6697 prior to delivery when no company official will be present at the delivery to sign them. Shall Not charge a€?hiddena€? fees beyond the quoted Rental Rate such as Ad Valorem Taxes or Fuel Surcharge Fees. May periodically adjust the Rental Rate or these Terms of Use with a 30 day advance written notice. Shall return container to BBMS in the same condition as it was received, broom-swept, dry, and secure, or shall pay BBMS for repair, paint and or cleaning fees needed to return container to a€?delivered conditiona€?. Shall be solely responsible for observing any and all local ordinances, zoning, restrictive covenants, etc., and releases BBMS from any fines or fees resulting from the violation thereof. Shall pay rent within 10 days of the due date (prior to the Rental Period), or agree to late fees of $20 per unit. Agrees that BBMS has the right to charge Credit Card provided for any rent, delivery and pickup fees, late fees, in arrears beyond 30 days, and any repair or cleaning fees owed.
Furthermore, we are the only container company in Tulsa to guarantee our storage Containers. If within that time the container fails, Budget Box will repair the container to WWT condition at no expense to the customer.
In addition, all references to previous shipping lines on the container must be removed including Serial Number Prefixes, Labels, Data Plate references, etc.
If you find a better price on a similar container, please let us know, and wea€™ll probably beat it. Tired of the constant travel and frequent moving required, Jay decided to bring his young family home to Oklahoma and closer to family in 2007. We also rent custom Shelving Brackets and Bike Racks, specially made for use in our Storage Containers.

Customer further agrees that the value of the empty container is $4,200 for a standard 20a€™ unit, $5,200 for a 20a€™ unit with doors on both ends, $7,200 for a standard 40a€™ unit, and $8,000 for a standard 40a€™ unit with doors on both ends or for a 40a€™ high-cube unit, and agrees to reimburse for the full value of the unit should damages to the unit exceed 50% of that value.
The containers are delivered on our own trucks, by our own skilled drivers who care about making you happy.
There are price tags on the left door of all containers that are for sale (please note that our Rental Containers are not for sale, and are therefore not priced).
This guarantee does not include damages resulting from abuse, flooding, or other natural disasters, nor does it extend to the contents of the container. If you purchase Cap Blocks, please purchase the 4a€? thick version and please let the driver know that you plan to use them. So, you might find yourself 10 years from now wondering how you are going to lift the container to replace the cross ties. Our drivers are well-trained, experienced, and care about satisfying your desire to get the container where you want it, without damaging your property in the process.
A In 2002 Corey Williams (brother) formed Oklahoma Container Corporation in Oklahoma City, OK. After helping his father for a year, he formed Allied Container Sales, LLC in Tulsa in 2008. Today Allied Container Sales, LLC dba Budget Box Mobile Storage is dedicated to serving customers in the Tulsa area by both selling and renting containers. Once the container is on the ground and off of our truck, we can no longer position the blocks under the container. Again, please let the driver know that you plan to set the containers on ties before he unloads it.
If you find a Container that you want to purchase, write a€?Solda€? and your name on the price tag, then call Jay at 918-230-3125 to arrange delivery.

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