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Shipping Container Home construction has become one of the biggest home and office construction trends globally. There was much resistance to the change from the Dock Worker's Unions and shipping companies. Thus, the ISO Shipping Container was fully born, legitimate and standardized as we see it now.
So what is this incredible box that faces wind, rain, salt, typhoons, extreme weight, dropping and bumping for years?
Now we have a perfect box that is strong and virtually won't rust - what else can we do with it?
Almost everyone who has seen, or been inside a shipping container has thought, wow, and instant home.
The ISBU shipping container has been popular in Europe, UK, Australia, China, and the US since 2005 or even before.

In 2007 some big players were in the news for their use of ISBU shipping containers commercially. If you have a rectangular container, then you need to strategize when it comes to packing up your furniture. It can even help to draw out how you want to pack up the container before you get started, and in doing so, you can make the best use of your space. Talk to 4 Seas International Shipping, LLC, today about the right container for your international shipment.
This is as close to a new Shipping Container as you can find in the US market without paying double the price for a unit manufactured here.
When you’re moving your house overseas, you need to make sure the container can hold your life.
One Trippers are ideal for high profile areas or modification projects that are cosmetically sensitive.A  These Containers are made ofA COR-TENA®steel, a type of weathering steel produced by US Steel that uses alloying elements such as copper, chromium, silicon and nickel to enhance the atmospheric corrosion resistance of the steel.

This can be even more problematic when you’re trying to fill the container with all of your furniture from your home.
We can color match any sample and are happy to suggest one of our primary colors.A A (See product pages for details and specs). The containers have been changed from their original ISO Container status into one of the many variations of portable storage; housing, kiosk, office or other portable use solutions in the market.
Modified Containers can typically no longer be restored to Cargo Worthy condition, but talk to your sales rep about your requirement to see if we can accommodate your request.A (See product pages for details and specs). Purchase 10 ft Hazmat ContainersWith a custom designed containment department built into the the raised steel grid floor, this unit is ideal for onsite decontamination and abatement projects.

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