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Combined with LMC's secure purchasing capacity, air freight can be a cost efficient mode of transport.
This combination employs the very cost efficient sea mode with the balanced delivery time of airfreight.
Via the Rotational Molding process, Granger's ULD Containers offer reduced maintenance with positive results from over 20 years of history. Lower your fuel consumption and carbon credits with Granger Aerospace's Air Cargo Containers that offer lighter tare weights amongst most competing containers. Unlike polycarbonate containers which have been at the forefront of a number of crash investigations, Granger's Air Cargo Units feature Polyethylene shells.
Air Cargo Containers are common fixtures of business for nearly any commercial airline, air cargo company. Granger Plastics Company has been involved in the manufacturing of certified, airworthy, Air Cargo Containers and ULD containers for over 20 years. A timeless and traditional component of the Air Cargo industry is the LD 2 Containers, also known as DPE and DPN ULD's.
Featuring lighter tare weights than most, the LD 2 units offer a direct savings in fuel consumption, carbon credits (where applicable) and lowest total cost of ownership.
Click on any of the thumbnail images to the right to display the larger image in the LD 2 Air Cargo Container Image Gallery. Granger Aerospace Products Air Cargo Containers are the only cargo container manufactured from a combination of aluminum and durable LLDPE. The Granger Aerospace Products Air Cargo Container is lighter than most standard containers. It is our goal to offer our customer not only lower cost container but a trusted partnership for your company. Through or focus on technology and research, we are continually making improvements to our design. A high demand Air Cargo operation requires the highest of quality while providing the necessary features to operate a leading world class facility to provide express shipping.
Click any of the thumbnail images to the right to display the larger image in the LD 3 Air Cargo Container Image Gallery.
Watch the video above and see the Granger Plastics Air Cargo Containers successfully complete the FAA's Ultimate Load Testing.
See the forkliftable LD 3 AKN air cargo container successfully complete the FAA's Ultimate Load Testing in the video above!
The full width lower deck container which is a great fit for 767's, the LD 8 Air Cargo Container is a staple of the Air Freight and Air Cargo Container industry. Click any thumbnail image to the right to display the larger image in the LD 8 Air Cargo Container Image Gallery. In scheduled airline operations with large jets, there is a "load coordinator", even if each company uses a different in-house term for it.

Cargo is the responsibility of the Cargo department, and they co-ordinate with Load Planning. Every airline flight is under the supervision of a designated dispatcher, who begins work on it about two hours before scheduled departure. Then, the passenger count, and their "weight" (again, using an accepted average per person). I kind of feel sorry for those who are putting so much time and effort into investigating something which quite simply is nonsense. The chemtrail "theory" does not rest on credible verifiable evidence - it rests on beleif, mistrust of authorities, paranoia and gullibility.
Weather modification is a different ballgame and many scientists have admitted it holds potential and maybe necessary in the future. Aerial cloud seeding is the process of delivering a seeding agent by aircraft - either at the cloud base or cloud top.
Since it has been proven that it isn't commercial passenger carriers, why do the contrails exist from passenger airliners? As for hiding this chemtrail cocktail inside a fuel tank, I hold a confined space ticket (amongst other tickets) and go inside those tanks.
Now that Barry has endorsed HRC, what can we expect re: the criminal investigations of Hillary?
The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. My guess why they didn't go forward with this is that modular cargo container design hadn't been refined yet, as that was being invented in the 50's as well.
One suspects that someone figured out that it was just as cheap and much more versatile to have a standard plane with a huge interior that you could just put pallets, and other containers in, and could then just load onto trucks or get easy access to while in storage by leaving them on the pallet. The original standard cargo container was only 20 feet long, well within what I see in the photo.But 8'6" wide and tall.
Can remember seeing thousands of paratroopers preform a drop from C-119s in France in the late 1950s.
LMC's approach to Logistics is the effective utilization of the correct mode of transportation balanced with efficiency and cost management.
By providing this high quality teamed with durable, rotationally molded construction, Granger's ULD Containers offer the lowest cost of ownership amongst most comparable containers.
Also known as a Unit Load Device, or ULD Container, the Air Cargo Containers are commonly used to load luggage, freight and mail on wide-body and specific narrow body aircraft. Granger's single shell polymer construction on such a wide container offer tremendous maintenance savings in comparison to less innovative materials. While prototypes can be easily mapped out using a variety of processes, production projects must have tooling designed and produced to materialize. The nature of this application requires certain design elements to be implemented in order to produce the most reliable parts.

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Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page. Coming soon, Granger Aerospace will video the repairs to this container, making it ready for the tarmac all over again! The reduced number of fasteners greatly increase efficiency in operations and airworthiness inspections, which allow direct savings to impact bottom lines. Granger Plastics Company leads the industry in groundbreaking innovation in rotomolding design. Supplies that might be needed to be shipped in other methods then the strangle shaped cargo pod needed for the XC-120. Roll up door can be located at the outboard side (as shown) for easier stacking on the vertical wall or at the inboard panel for easier door operation. Offered in both standard and forkliftable variants, the LD 8 Air Cargo Container is a very durable, robust container that provides highly quality solutions for industry leaders in air cargo and commercial airline operations. It's not like you can put that pod on a truck and drive it off.If you think for a minute you will realize that the concept never went away and is in use by almost all the air freight companies today, they just changed the shape and size. The ratio of low tare weight to high cube utilization is yielding significant cost savings to wide body freight operators using the "A1". The USS Macon was both a surveillance blimp capable of spying past enemy lines, as well as an aircraft carrier that unloaded half a dozen fighter aircraft in times of danger.How about this one: what would it look like if you combined a tractor trailer with an aircraft? The result would be the XC-120 Packplane, one of the strangest aircraft in aviation history. The idea behind this aircraft was to combine the maneuverability and speed of a aircraft with the modular cargo capabilities of a tractor trailer. The XC-120 featured a standardized cargo pod that could quickly be detached and reattached.On paper this seems like an ingenious idea.
Air bases could load up the cargo pods with anything they like, keep them in storage, and then just drive them out to the tarmac whenever a XC-120 was slated for take-off. Instead of taking the time to load all of the cargo individually, they would simply need to line the pod up with the XC-120, hook everything up, and the plane would be good to go. Less time dealing with crates means that the plane can spend more time in the air, saving time, money, and possibly lives.The plane's manufacturer, Fairchild, converted a C-119 Flying Boxcar cargo aircraft into the tractor-trailer-like XC-120 (an appropriate choice, no?). Basically, they just cut a C-119 in half horizontally from the nose of the plane all the way to the back and turned each half into its own self-contained unit.

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