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Yamalube oils are so good they have actually been used as the test oil for many of the TC-W3® ratings! Extreme Performance Formula: An exclusive additive blend works to guard against power robbing ring stick and carbon build up, while special additives minimize wear. Whether it's extended full-throttle operation, or engine pushing "out of the hole" acceleration, or even hour after hour of trolling, this oil stands up to the test. With this kind of extreme performance ability, Yamalube 2-M offers the best everyday protection, too.

Rust and Corrosion Protection: This oil is formulated with the best rust and corrosion protection we could find. Yamaha has built an unmatched reputation for quality, performance and durability with our engines.
Since we know our engines and what their performance requirements are, we can offer the best oil for them.
As a result of these high standards for quality and performance, our oils surpass the TC-W3® minimum requirements.

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