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The ISO standard for containers defines dimensions, both internal and external, and load ratings.
Containers that are longer than 40 feet usually have additional support points at the 40-foot position so that they can be stowed over a standard 40-foot container. Worldwide supplier of container chassis, shipping containers, twist locks, platform trailers and more!
CW-Cargo Worthy - This quality of container can be used in containerized export shipments. WWT - Wind and Water Tight - This conditional information indicates that the cargo container is dry and suitable for storage.
As-Is - This condition should alert the buyer that there may be damage to the freight container that could be expensive to repair.

They are manufactured in a large variety of sizes and types, each designed to meet specific cargo and transportation requirements.
The term High cube container usually refers to a standard-sized container that has a height of 9 feet 6 inches. 20-foot containers are actually a little shorter than 20 feet, so that two 20-foot containers can be stowed in a 40-foot bay. By allowing a shipper to use the cargo container for a single load, our cost to position a new container into North America is reduced significantly.
Cargo worthy containers must meet standards of structural strength and be wind and water tight.
All of our storage containers are secure, wind and water-proof, rodent-free, fire-resistant, with hard wood floors, and come with lock boxes installed.

Their length is usually 20 or 40 feet, although longer containers are used, principally in the US trade; these containers are 45, 48 and 53 feet long. The actual dimensions are 12192 mm for a 40-foot container and 6058 mm for a 20-foot container. Containers meeting IICL 5 standards generally are of a better quality than containers showing as just cargo worthy.

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