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The presented container types are the most commonly used in the overseas transport of goods.
The dimensions of particular containers of the same type differ depend on the shipping line and the year of production. Container roof is the weakest part of the container and must not be covered with any cargo.
ATTENTION: Estimating weight of the cargo for loading into the container not only container max.
General Purpose Container 40' is similar in construction and characteristics to 20' container General Purpose Container 20'. External dimensions allow for stowing into it two 20'containers leaving 3-foot space in between. ATTENTION: The common mistake is to calculate the payload of 40' container by adding payload of two 20' containers which equals approx.

High Cube Container differs in the outside height which equals 9'6" (2,895mm) from the standard 40' container.
Transporting High Cube Containers on higher semi-trailers is possible only by obtaining special permits. Tare weight and payload of High Cube Container does not differ significantly from weights of the 40' container.
An increase of High Cube Container units in the total number of 40' containers is expected in the future. Hardtop Container is constructed for carrying heavy and overheight loads which are difficult to be packed into the standard container.
It can be lashed to the side wall inside the container using 13cm of space if the cargo is overhigh.
The floor of the flatrack container is significantly high - in 20' flatrack it measures approx.

Using combination of several platforms "tween deck" can be constructed on a vessel to facilitate the transport of break loads. Refrigerated Containers are designed to carry the cargo requiring the constant temperature.
The cargo must be stowed into the container in a way to ensure 75 mm of space between the roof and the surface of the load.

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