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When it comes to moving your belongings abroad, hiring a shipping container is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly method.
This gives you an internal space of 39’ 6’’ in length, by 7ft 8 inches in width and 7 ft and 10 inches in height. So if we are looking at the overall capacity of a 40ft container it’s 2,390 cubic feet or 67.7 cubic meters (a huge amount of space). Here is a list of dimensions of typical household items in cubic feet, which will give you an idea of what you will be able to fit in. Remember that while the total space available in a 40ft container is 2,390 cubic feet itis unlikely that you will be able to pack it to 100% capacity due to items that are an awkward shape. Have your items arranged in a sensible order with the things you want to be loaded into the container first at the front of the line. Make sure you understand the dimensions of the container and what you can expect to fit in it -always leave some room rather than think you can squeeze extra in. Make sure you know where you will position the container when it arrives -it needs to be on a flat and stable surface and not in the way of any doors you need access to, or the neighbours driveway!
Enlist some help in advance and make sure everyone knows how long it’s going to take and how heavy items are. Research any restrictions or items that may be prohibited in the country you are travelling to. Be safe and smart -always make sure someone is watching the container during the loading process and keep young children away - don’t let them play in or around it. However before you go ahead and book it, it’s a good idea to do some research to find out what kind of size you need, how to load it, and what kind of costs you’ll be looking at. In this article we are going to look at the larger of the two, the 40ft shipping container which is mainly used for families moving abroad who have large houses or big items such as vehicles they need to ship across.

Knowing the size of the container door is important, so you can work out exactly what you can fit it. Taking into consideration the restrictions and dimensions previously noted, it is reasonable to expect that the contents and belongings of a 4 bedroom family home can fit into a 40ft container. If you plan carefully you should be able to pack your storage container to 90% capacity -though it is advisable to estimate less than this and make sure you have extra room so you don’t get caught short. When it arrives check it is clean and empty, and keep the doors open to let air circulate for as long as possible. It’s advisable to get all the larger items in initially, positioning them at the back of the container and at the sides, you can also attach these to the sides securing them so they won’t move during the journey.
Firstly you must ensure all fuel has been emptied, and the battery and alarm systems have been disconnected.
Your truck driver can refuse to drive any container they deem to be unstable or unsafe, so pack carefully and well. If you can’t get friends or relatives to step up, pay a laborer to help you, you don’t want to start your new life with an injury!
Below you can find a comprehensive guide to hiring and loading a 40 foot shipping container, which covers everything from practical information and what kind of stuff you will be able to fit in it, to some helpful packing and loading tips which will make the move a smooth and stress-free experience! There are other sizes of container available, however the 20 and 40ft containers are the industry standard.
Contents of rooms, as well as larger household appliances, for example, bath fixtures, trunks, washing machines, a piano, extra mattresses etc should all comfortably fit in. Most, if not all, shipping companies will generally offer to pack your container for you, this is advisable as they will have more experience fitting all the awkward sized objects together, like a giant game of tetris. Then you can load boxes in front of these items which will also help stabilise them, then any other belongings and soft furnishings.

You should also note that it will be on a chassis which is around four feet high so you may need to arrange a ramp to ensure you can get your belongings into the container with ease. Be organised and have everything ready to go -the trucker will be working to a schedule so it’s important to be organised! Try to pack as tightly as possible and fill all the gaps where you can so that everything stays in place during transit. Make sure the wheels are blocked and the vehicle is securely lashed -it may be that your agent provides someone to do this for you, so check whether this is the case, otherwise your local garage may be able to help if you are unsure of how to do this properly.
All the furniture and other items you wish to load into the storage container should be packed up and ready to go. Clothing, bedding and other soft materials can be used to protect for fragile items and are great for padding the container and covering up items you want to protect from knocks and scratches.
You also need to separate the vehicle from your other belongings in a process called embarkation.
Don’t wait for the storage container to arrive before you start packing -and remember you need to provide all the packing materials yourself, and you need to be able to load everything too so if you need help moving heavier items make sure you have booked someone to assist you, or got a few strong friends round to help! Newspaper, bubble wrap, boxes and masking tape are all packing essentials and make sure you have enough to pack up your entire household.
Also think about how you are going to pack the container to make maximum use of the space and arrange your items so they are in the order -it will save a lot of time and effort when it comes to loading up.

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