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Port Container Services supply a range of shipping containers for sale to Councils, The Defence Force, Government departments, and the general public. These shipping containers are similar to the general purpose shipping containers, though are an extra foot taller in height. If you are storing or transporting cargo that might be tricky to load, then an open top shipping container might be for you. Flat Rack Containers are designed to transport cargo larger than the dimensions available in General Purpose and Open Top Containers. Refrigerated shipping containers are used for the transport or storage of volume goods - suitable for perishable cargo such as vegetables, fruit, meat, etc. Insulated shipping containers are non operational refigerated containers that have been refurbished. These purpose built containers are commonly used for site offices at construction & building sites. Custom design your own portable accommodation unit easily and our container engineers will build it to your specifications.
Our simulation container are designed to help train employees in the mining and emergency sectors. Lunch room containers, also known as 'crib rooms', are another specialised product developed by Port Container Services. Fill in your details below and we will email you a brochure and price guide on your selected product. Containers First stocks one of the largest selections of new intermodal shipping containers for sale, hire or lease in the country. All our “as-new” condition shipping containers are “one-trip” (transported only once with cargo from Asia to Australia) and are in perfect condition with few – if any – minor cosmetic imperfections. All Containers First’s standard 3m, 6m, and 12m new portable shipping containers are an excellent choice for any kind of dry goods storage you need to keep safe and secure, even in the harshest environments. New High Cube shipping containers provide an extra 30cm (about 1ft.) in height, and were originally designed for economical shipping of voluminous or bulky dry goods (such as clothing).
Containers First can quickly add whatever you need to your new shipping container, including shelving, security lock boxes, electrical hook-up, data pre-wiring, interior and exterior lighting, and much more.
CartNeed a Quote?Our friendly team are happy to provide fast quotes that will be the best value for your needs. All in all, happy with the container modifications, the price, the speed in which the project was completed, the communications between us and the transparency when the logistics issue came into play.

I am glad that we have established a relationship through this project and we will be sure to buy from you again when we require similar container modifications.
Wollondilly Council needed a container to be delivered to a tricky site to enable our local SES team to store important emergency relief equipment. Trade-In Your Old ContainerIf you have an old shipping container that you would like to trade-in and upgrade simply click below for a valuation. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help in assisting me to purchase a shipping container.
Please use this email as a testimonial as I am so happy with my purchase and all the help you gave.
Open top containers that have a top loading facility designed for the transportation and storage of tall, heavy or awkward cargo. Our refrigerated containers come in two sizes and we can also offer single phase refrigerated containers as well as our standard 3 phase refrigerated containers. Insulated containers are used to protect your stored goods from varying temperatures, this is due to there thick insulated walls. Port Container Services has a wide selection of dangerous goods containers sizes starting from 3m and ranging to 12m in length.
They also come with a whole list of features which include retractable air-conditioning, lockable store room, side personnel door with heavy duty lock, windows with heavy duty security shutters, insulated roof, power, phone and data, plus many more site shed accessories are available upon request.
These purpose built containers are ideal on any work site, and can be transported easily to the next location where needed.
There is a large range of optional accommodation unit accessories that can be installed upon request. The shipping container is fitted with numerous wall partitions and entry points, including a roof mounted entry hatch for abseil excercises. These modified shipping containers are usually insulated and fitted with fixed tables and chairs, kitchenettes, electrical outlets and lighting.
Wether for transport or storage, you can expect your new container to last for many, many years to come with only minimal maintenance.
These units arrive at Containers First straight from the manufacturer in nearly brand new condition.
This configuration is ideal for accommodating two side-by-side rows of Australian standard cargo pallets. Containers First is home to one of the best new shipping container modification teams in the industry.

The time you gave in providing information about the shipping containers was fantastic and really helped in making an informed decision. He spent a very long time getting the container in the right place as it was a very small space that was really difficult to access. Have a look at our shipping container products below and request an instant quote for a detailed brochure and price guide. All of our containers are constructed to store and transport Class 3 dangerous goods and conform with Australian Legislation and are in compliance with Australian Standards. Port Container Services have a dedicated team that design and develop mobile accommodation units to suit your needs.
Windows, doors and wall partitions can also be installed and ventilation such as vents and whirlybirds increase airflow.
The exterior of the shipping container is painted white with all safety railing painted yellow. They are perfect for construction sites or anywhere that staff need a portable lunch room area to eat or rest. Each was designed and built to full International Organisation for Standardisation specifications, and certified sea, rail and road transport ready.
Many of our business customers use new Two-Pallet High Cubes for temporary storage of extra inventory because of the unit’s efficient two-deep pallet size, and how easy it is for a forklift to move pallets in and out.
We can install personal doors and glass windows, vents and insulation, outfit your unit with heating or cooling, fabricate a custom office – the possibilities of what we can create for you out of a new shipping container are virtually endless. The container was delivered on Monday and was in fantastic condition – very clean with very few dings (amazing for being a used container).
The interior is painted jet black to simulate a mine shaft or confined space with low visability. Our 3m (10ft.) new shipping containers do not conform to international shipping standards due to their smaller size, however they are ideal for heavy-duty domestic shipping of goods, and the 3m units’ durability and smaller footprint are always in high demand for use as portable storage units.
Plus, they’re affordable; the cost to build a similar storage facility from the foundation up could be very expensive – and you couldn’t take it with you if you ever need to relocate. Our open top containers make loading bulky goods with a crane easy by loading the open top container from above.

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