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The above photos show a 20ft one trip container converted for use in the oil service industry in Port Stanley Falkland Islands. 20ft shipping containers are available as new and used, and are perfect for storage and for a wide variety of conversion uses. New 20ft ContainersThe container industry describes a new 20ft storage container as a steel unit which has been loaded with cargo at its place of manufacture, transported  to the UK and then sold to the domestic market. Delivering Your ContainerWe have a small team of trusted hauliers working for us here in the UK.
I would just like to say how good your customer service was, your hauliers were unbelievable too. Features & UseRobust, secure and built to last 20ft containers are a great choice for storage, transport or modification. Modifications to 20ft containers include cafes, flammable goods storage, gun safes, archive & furniture storage, garden sheds, work sites storage. A wide variety of paint colors are available, please consult with the sales team regarding your enamel color choice. Gateway Containers can install a range of air conditioners into the shipping containers to ensure maximum comfort for the occupants. A roof mounted whirly bird can provide additional ventilation, especially for areas where electricity & air conditioning is not an option. Installed by our qualified electricians to Australian Standards, whether it’s lights, power board, power points or data cabling. A wide range of window options available, these can be fitted with fly-screens, protective covers, security mesh or security bars. Welded to the doors of the container – lock boxes are the choice of security conscious clients. We can fit a personal access (PA) door, single or double steel doors, sliding door or roller door to your container.

Certification of containers is available to our clients at no additional charge when ordering. A CSC (Container Safety Convention) Safety approval Certificate is provided for customers requiring overseas shipment. AccessoriesAccessories can only be added when you are purchasing a container, please leave a note if you have specific requirements.Choose AccessoriesGateway Container Sales offers a range of accessories to customise your container to suit your requirements.
Uncheck this box if you don't want to find out about our latest deals and industry news (full privacy, unsubscribe anytime). Gateway carry over 5000 containers in our 2 depots, have decades of experience and know the container business inside out. We guarantee delivery of containers nationwide by truck, rail or sea, or any combination thereof. With the same footprint as the standard shipping container these units have full side access doors, which allow for easy loading with a forklift truck or by hand. Features & UseThis container opens completely down the left hand side in addition to having standard end opening doors.
Modifications to side opening containers include cafes, flammable goods storage, gun safes, archive & furniture storage, garden sheds, work sites storage. This was part of a batch of containers that were delivered on a standard container ship rather than having to be transported as expensive deck cargo. Their steel structure, marine ply floors and heavy duty cargo doors make them suitable for a wide range of applications. If aesthetics are of primary importance and you are storing goods that require a clean, neat and tidy environment, this is the best container type you can purchase. Deliveries normally take place between 7am-8pm, Monday to Friday, however we can work outside of these times if so wished. The units are usually used for oversized cargos that otherwise would not be able to be transported by shipping containers.
The side opening allows for loading of longer length product and quick loading and discharge with forklifts of palletized product.

As you will see from the photos the containerised office unit was fitted out to a high standard including 3 part dado trunking and UPVC double glazed windows designed to mitigate the extreme weather conditions in the Falkland Islands. Some examples of previous conversions of 20ft containers include biomass boiler housings, pop up shops, chemical stores, process enclosures, shower and toilet rooms, sound attenuating units, blast retardent ammunition stores, portable laboratories, switch rooms, and workshops. They are more expensive than used 20ft containers but their lifespan is significantly longer and the cost difference is relatively minor. Alternative window designs are available and we can now offer double glazed sliding windows that can be used in conjunction with our standard window shutters.
Some further examples of items installed in 20ft containers include curtain sides, roller shutters, windows, doors, chequer plate flooring, lighting, heating, electrics, ply lining, condensation control, louvres, apertures, and hatches. They usually come with a high security lockbox as standard, to improve security and protect your padlock. If you have a need for accommodation converted from shipping containers for use either in the UK or for onward international shipping please contact the Portable Space container conversion team who will work with you to produce a high quality product to meet your needs. They come with either marine ply or bamboo floors as standard and usually have four small vents for air circulation. The savings we make on delivery, from dispatching your container from your local depot are passed on to you. If aesthetics are not of primary concern, these containers are ideal, they also present a more cost effective alternative to new containers. 20ft used containers do not normally come complete with a high security lockbox as standard, however, one can be fitted for a nominal fee. They usually have marine ply or bamboo flooring as standard with four vents for air circulation.

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