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Our rotationally molded rear load plastic waste containers are tough enough to handle whatever you throw at them.
Sure, there are other options on the market—and they may be cheaper, too—but if you’re looking for a high quality product that will last, you’ve found it.
With a range of sizes available, we have the perfect rear load plastic commercial container to fit your needs. Whether you’re managing a restaurant or grocery store, an apartment complex or office space, our plastic waste and recycling container will serve you well for a long time—even if you’re dealing with small alleyways.
Our rear load plastic waste containers are rock solid, and we stand behind them — guaranteeing you that our poly components will be free from defects for five years from the time of delivery. About NedlandSince 1945, Nedland Industries has manufactured the highest quality refuse and recycling products on the market.
A:A  The cost of renting a dumpster depends on the size of it, the number of days ita€™ll be rented and the weight limit. A:A  Yes, when renting a dumpster, most of the time the rental company will let you know what types of trash they wona€™t accept.

If you need to rent a dumpster for a home renovation or cleanup, the size thata€™s commonly used is 10 cubic yards. If you are going to purchase a dumpster, your best bet is to find a used one because you will find them a lot cheaper. In most cases, they wona€™t take hazardous waste that needs special handling or special disposal.
Renting a small dumpster for a day can go anywhere from $80 to $100, however, most dumpster rental companies prefer that you purchase a package which includes several days of rental and disposal. Also, the company sometimes wona€™t take materials like damaged batteries, old tires, inorganic paint, industrial chemicals and different types of cleaners. After youa€™ve purchased your dumpster you are in charge of disposing the trash you put in it.
In some occasions there arena€™t many people bidding on the dumpster you need and you can win with bids less than $1,000 depending on the size. Some dumpsters hitch to trucks and roll; others require disposal services to come out and clean your dumpster when ita€™s full.

If youa€™re looking to rent larger dumpsters, the most common size used is the 20 cubic yard dumpster.
You can also check your local classified ads to see if any independent contractors are trying to get rid of their dumpsters.
A brand new 30 yard dumpster can be found for $4,000 or sometimes more, depending on where they must be shipped. You might also be able to get a bargain price by checking with your local waste management plant to see if they have used dumpsters that theya€™re trying to sell.

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