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Being a big fan of cargotechture, I would rather see the containers than try and disguise them.
Giant Container Sales provide you various types of containers, our sea containers sale are strong, dependable and can be moved to multiple locations easily.
Lock Box: The lock box is a house for the lock that prevents it from being tampered with or having the shank cut off.
Fork Lift Pockets: For lift pockets make it easier for the container to be moved around a container yard or storage site. Used 20' shipping containers are different from new 20' containers, as each one has lived a very different life and has been managed and been cared for differently. Condition and Age: Used shipping containers are typically 10-15 years old and have been in service for the majority of their life. Extra Features: Most used shipping containers, either 20' or 40', don't come equipped with aftermarket features like lock boxes and forklift pockets. 20' shipping containers, or nearly any other size for that matter, can be found for sale in most major cities around the United States and Canada. We have several insulated 40’ HC containers coming in that would be perfect for insulated storage or livestock shelter.

Display unit includes custom recessed lighting, 110 volt receptacles throughout, sound system, hydraulic system for the clam shell doors, air conditioning and is wired for flat screen monitors. Request a Free QuoteIt only takes a minute to request a free quote for a standard, reefer, or custom container from USA Containers.
One wouldn’t want to see a whole development of them, dropped like biscuits on baking sheet, but lots of people, I imagine, would be delighted to live in such a thoughtful, intelligently arranged interior and be proud to come home to this structure.
In general, most new containers are similar in terms of condition, with a few differences in features and color. They ensure that the container is picked up at the proper place and guide the forks to the most stable place to carry the container. It's possible to find really cheap shipping containers that are a great value, but it's also possible to find a cheap shipping container that's only worth the salvage value of the steel it's constructed of. Since the shipping line doesn't need these features, they save on the additional cost and weight and opt out of having them installed. Shipping lines and leasing companies around the world regularly sell their off-hire and out of service containers to wholesalers, dealers, retail users, and companies that redeploy them for intermodal shipping, or as storage units, modular housing components, or for other purposes.
This unit could be easily adapted to make a unique and impressive display case for trade shows, farmer markets, special events, catering or retail sales.

It's best to ask the right questions, get pictures, and make an informed decision based on your specific needs.
If the container has been damaged and repaired many times, you'll want to take your time inspecting the container and look for any signs of damage that may need attention in the future before you buy it. Depending on what city you are located in there may be more of one color available than another, based on the shipping line that provides the most service to that city. Once your find out what's available then you can decide if you want new, used or the size of unit that you need. And again, we’ll hold the unit till your ready for delivery as long as the unit is purchased in January!
Both new and used containers are great starting blocks for storage facilities, modular home conversions, storm shelters and bunkers, even hunting cabins. To get the best shipping container for your project be sure and ask as many upfront questions as possible, and you'll be sure to find a great deal.

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