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In container shipping industry, one of the common terms is TEU, which stands for Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit.Ita€™s worth remembering this is a unit rather than a container.
Professional shipping or logistics companies usually place order of hundreds or even thousands of containers of many types (20a€™, 40a€™, 45a€™, refer, flatrack, etc.).
When it comes to tiny house living, shipping container tiny houses are a great option because they’re inexpensive, usually recycled, and extremely durable. All of that sounds pretty great I’m sure, but how the heck do you make a shipping container into a home? I think you’ll be surprised by this top 10 list of shipping container homes because they range in several sizes and in a bunch of different levels of luxury, too.
Next, with container number 2, let me show you what a man named Daniel Sokol is doing in New Hampshire with container conversions and his company called LEED Cabins.
Notice that it has window awnings set up everywhere along with an RV-style air conditioning system. Today the container turned cabin serves as a rustic retreat as the Holiday Cabana at Maduru Oya. Next up is number five: a modern shipping container house conversion with a natural touch called the Cordell House. According to The Coolist, the Cordell House was designed and built by developers Katie Nichols and John Walker, of Numen Development, with the help of architect Christopher Robertson. As you can tell the roof is topped with giant solar panels to help power most of the home while the deck gives you just enough outside area to enjoy.
If you want to learn more about Hybrid Architecture’s container homes and designs visit their website where you can also check out the rest of their projects. Tiny container number 8 is perfect if you want a safe and secure getaway out in the woods, mountains, or even in your backyard.
The project is led by a man named Brian McCarthy and it’s an honor to get to show his work here on Tiny House Talk.

Container homes are absolutely fascinating in configuration and how clever some of the designers are. Hey Jparkes- love that idea on dividing two containers or even two tiny houses on trailers with some outdoor space.
The only time that you place yourself in serious danger is if you step outside, during a storm.
Aluminum is riveted to internal poles and steel is added to the side rails and end frames.Besides mental parts, several components made of other supplies include plywood floor, plastic placards, rubber door gasket. The term denotes space or capacity in equivalent to a 20 foot shipping container.Shipping practitioners use the unit to determine the capacity of container vessels, throughput of terminals, etc. I looked and looked and could not find out much about it, so if you have any idea where it came from and who built it, please let me know in the comments. It will cost you upwards of $59,500 if you want one built for you by Seattle-based Hybrid Architecture. They just added the floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors to brighten it up along with all of the extra fixtures you see below to give it a more artistic flavor.
The reason it’s so secure is because it has small windows and the larger ones can be completely enclosed to make it very challenging for a burglar to get into. PFNC’s mission, as it reads on their website is to raise the standard of living for families who currently reside in dangerous or substandard conditions.
He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories.
The first one looks interesting but I wonder how weather and bug-proof those slideouts are?
I like the idea of using two or more containers to create outdoor spaces between them, then covering the entirety with a giant over-roof…giving one only a couple hundred sq. Properly insulated, it didn’t get warmer than any other structure and it was very economical to cool with an air conditioner.

Thata€™s because the capacity depends on actual inside dimensions, which are slightly vary as I mentioned above.It should be kept in mind that here wea€™re talking about containera€™s inside capacity rather than the cargo volume loadable in a 20ft box. In addition, industrial paints is needed to coat metal surfaces of containers for beauty and protection purpose.
Youa€™re allowed to load as long as gross weight (container + cargo) does not exceed above-mention limit of 24 tons.Leta€™s take an example. The story behind this one is really interesting because it was built by soliders in an army training camp using the container and timber from weapon boxes that the soldiers found around the area, according to Dezeen and Jetson Green. This type of natural looking wood finish gives off a modern touch while still giving you that cool cabin feel. It’s a little larger than what I usually like to feature here, but some folks truly need more space. This particular design is called The Nomad and in 2011 was featured in Sunset Magazine, according to Tiny House Listings. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Really so many good ideas overall but I have to say, whoever thought up putting a toilet behind a glass, see through wall was a strange bloke!
In fact, cargo volume loadable into a container should likely be less due to air space left among cargo packages. Having two containers would also give ideas to open space and covered space in other areas.

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