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The inside width and height of a 20-feet collapsible container is the same with the ordinary 20-feet container.
For a flat rack container that has a total height of 40 feet, the inside length of the container is 12.06 meters. One Trip or Single Use - These are new freight containers that have had one load shipped in them. CW-Cargo Worthy (A Grade) - This quality of container can be used in containerized export shipments.
WWT - Wind and Water Tight (B Grade) - This conditional information indicates that the cargo container is dry and suitable for storage.
As-Is - This condition should alert the buyer that there may be damage to the freight container that could be expensive to repair. 20 foot Open Top Containers are similar to dry cargo container except that it has no rigid roof but has a removable cover. Manufactured from steel, open tops are equipped with a swinging header to the door opening, hinged doors on both sides and removable roof bows and tarpaulin.

The inside length of this container is 5.63 meters while the tare weight is 2,749 kilograms. Aside from steel, other manufacturers of the containers use aluminum to the production of the containers.
Doors are located in at least one of the walls, either at the end (end loading) or the side (side loading). By allowing a shipper to use the cargo container for a single load, our cost to position a new container into North America is reduced significantly. Cargo worthy containers must meet standards of structural strength and be wind and water tight.
They are designed to allow loading through both the top opening and the rear doors and are consequently suitable for the carriage of heavy, bulky, or long objects. The roof is replaced by a TIR approved PVC tarpaulin (known as tilts) to allow loading and discharge from above, and protect cargo from the elements. The tare weight of the container is 5,800 kilograms while the maximum cargo is 38,918 kilograms.

These containers are very helpful in transporting cargo that does not fit in open top as well as general purpose containers. Those who want to purchase these containers, they can choose from these kinds, the collapsible, non-collapsible, without walls and with walls. These containers can be ideal for manufacturers, contractors, warehouses, and any other entity that needs extra storage space for inventory or supplies.
Containers meeting IICL 5 standards generally are of a better quality than containers showing as just cargo worthy. All the roof-bows and the tarpaulin have to be in position in order to warrant the rigidity and avoid any risk of twisting to the container. The containers are tested and their specifications are issued with roof-bows and tarpaulin in position.

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