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Below are the most common shipping containers for sale with types and approximate sizes, and a gallery of images of the popular shipping containers available.
With corner castings and forklift pockets, they are idea for moving around from jobsite to jobsite. They can be moved by most tow companies.20' containers are a secure and sensible solution when you need more storage, but don’t want it to take up too much space. If you are concerned about how a metal box will look near your home or cabin, we can paint your container with custom colors. Even a used container can look suitable on a yard or lot.Containers of this size can also be useful for businesses which have temporary, recurring or long-term storage needs.

Some owners have purchased a container for outdoor storage and turned it into record and document storage after a flood or other disaster. A logo can be applied and the container turned into extra signage.If you are exporting your container, we can make sure your container is cargo-worthy and surveyed. Cargo-worthy is a specific condition where the container must meet specific structural specifications so that the container can handle the rigors of international shipping. In addition to having the container in cargo-worthy condition, you will need a survey, which is a certificate showing the container is in cargo-worthy condition. We can also handle the survey for you.If you are not sure what size you are interested in, let us know.

We can help you determine the right size, modifications, paint and other options to ensure you get the right container for you.

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