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Store tools, equipment and materials in a heavy-gauge steel storage container, available from 10' to 40'. We have discussed one of Zee Line Drum Pumps - Zee Line Economy Steel Lift Pump -  two days ago. Nylon Plastic Stainless Steel Pump and Plastic Pump with Vinyl Hose Assembly will be suitable for stronger chemicals and solvents as well as edible products like cooking oils.
If you have a food grade 5 gallon bucket but you used it for storing non-food items before, FDA – US Food and Drug Administration – states that it should not be reused to store food.
Does your pump store light, non-water base, and non-corrosive fluids like oil and non-flammable solvents? If you ever need a fast, double-acting and self priming pump, these high output and corrosion resistant pumps are for you. These anti rust pumps are constructed with high strength glass-reinforced plastic with 316 stainless steel internal parts and a PTFE piston ring.
If you don't feel like using hose and want to replace it with a discharge spout, we have discharge spout for polyester pumps and for halar pumps. You most likely need these quality drum liners made of premium linear low-density polyethylene to cover the insides of your barrels before you put any trash inside.
Anyway, an important thing to remember is that it is best to manage your waste into two different trash barrels. Beckson Drum Pumps are a great choice if you want to pump out your alkalis, acids or petroleum products.
For acids: choices are between the stroke plastic pump with 2" buttress and 3' hose or the same kind with 6' hose and stroke pump with 2" NPS bung and 6' hose. For alkalis: choices are between stroke plastic pump with 2" buttress and 3' hose and stroke steel pump with 2" NPS bung and 6' hose. For petroleum: choices are between stroke steel pump with 2"NPS bung and 3' hose and the same kind with 6' hose. There are also heavy duty grease pistol-type guns with 5" spout and 12" flex hose where the back-pressure built-up happens because the butt of the grease gun is pushed.
Ezi-Action Drum and Pail Pumps promote an easy way to dispense fluid out of your container.
They accommodate different kinds of liquids, ranging from lubricants, oil, industrial chemicals, diesel, cleaning chemicals, mild solvents, strong acids and alkalis. These dispenser pumps draw liquid directly from jugs, pails or drums – whatever container it is you are using.

Natural Living Products For A Healthier And More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle - natural living, health and nutrition products, non-plastic food containers.
Now we are going to discuss a few models that share similarities on how they work and how they fit similar drums. While if you store paint thinners and other general solvents, Nylon Plastic Nickel Plated Pump will definitely work best. This is highly important as containers that are made of non-food grade materials may harm the food items stored inside. Any single hole that lets air go in and out the pails will not be good for the food stored inside.
A small package of this chemical compound helps a great deal in extending the life of the stored food as it absorbs the oxygen that is known as the supporter of the growth of aerobic pathogens and spoilage organisms.
Included in the pumps are 1" NPT inlet with stainless steel inlet screen, ?" NPT discharge, 8' hose with elbow and nozzle and one 2" NPS drum bung adapter.
One is for the plastic and other non-degradable trash and the other is for the degradable waste. These hand drum pumps are made of a special PVC resin that eliminates the danger of lifting or tilting drums.
Constructed with the combination of valve and seal materials, Beckson drum pumps also have optional strap-lock slips over the pump to be padlocked in place to prevent unauthorized dispensing. They are inexpensive yet very durable, thanks to the bright zinc plated steel construction with precision-fitting parts. They come in different lengths and angles to make the lubricating job easier for different types of machines. Delivering on the up-and-down stroke, the pumps can handle both drums and pails containing of liquid with high viscosity (up to 8000 cps). They can also handle food-related material since they are made from 100% FDA-compliant polypropylene and polyethylene.
They fit containers from 5 to 55 gallon and are designed to sit on the base of the containers so there would not be any leftover waste in the containers if full drain is applied. It is safe to dispense chemicals with high volume dispense at low pressure and there is a cap-on strap that prevents accidental dispense when not in use. 24-foot containers are perfect for plumbing contractors, who need to store pipes too long to fit in a standard 20-foot container. On the pump you have a removable discharge spout that allows the attachment of clear vinyl hose assembly.

It fits 15 to 55 gallon drums that have 2" NPS bung opening, delivering 16 – 20 ounces of fluids per stroke.
You just need to supply us with the MSDS sheet to confirm the chemical compatibility when you order.
Whether they are from your own one-time used plastic barrel or the reconditioned drums you buy from a container company, this type of barrel is useful for keeping trash in a big amount until it is time for it to be taken away. The degradable waste can be reused as manure if you care to make it, or if you have enough gardening plot in your house, you can simply dump it on the ground.
Refer to this short guide for the most compatible pump to go with your contained fluid and check with our helpful representatives if it indeed fits your need.
They are also not too big so that you can always one handy with you.Our grease guns come with a choice of hand or air-powered.
We have heavy duty lever-type grease guns that come with either 5 ?" spout, 5" spout, or 12" flex hose. The smallest container is great for baby food, toddler snacks or whatever else you can think of. If your barrels store between 15 to 55 gallons and have 2" NPS bung opening, you should look no further than these Zee Line pumps. Be aware not to dump edible things that famine is attracted to or they would be comfortable enough to make your house their house.
Hand-operated guns are spring-primed up to 7000 psi, while air-powered guns use 75 – 100 psi air at 40:1 pressure ratio. In these models, the grease is pushed through the aperture by back-pressure built-up triggered by hand cranking mechanism of the gun.
This applies pressure to the spring mechanism behind the lubricant and pushed the grease out. Hose assemblies are made of clear vinyl with a ?" inside diameter and include a ?" garden hose coupling. The bottom part of the food container can be washed in the dishwasher, but the lid is not dishwasher or oven safe.

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