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See new property values for all 44,000 parcels in Amherst

By Dan Kirchberger | Published: Mon, June 26, 2017

Amherst's townwide reassessment of properties resulted in new tentative values for all 44,000 parcels, from the smallest home to the largest commercial property. Assessments are important because they partly determine how much a property owner pays in taxes. Click on a parcel to see how the value of every property changed.

The Buffalo News acquired assessments on April 17, 2017. All assessments are tentative and may change based on grievances brought before the town's Board of Assessment Review in May. Assessments for 2016 are based on an equalization rate of 91 percent of full market value. The new tentative assessments are equal to 100 percent of full market value.

Analysis: Which Amherst neighborhoods saw biggest assessment hikes, drops?

Percent Change
< 0%
> 50%

Source: Town of Amherst Assessor's Office, Town of Amherst Engineering Department (GIS Division), Erie County Real Property Tax Services