Enjoying Your Fresh
Flower Arrangement

Our Castine Maine florist recently made a delivery of the Simply Sweet Bouquet to you. Of course we only ever use the freshest hand-selected flowers to ensure your arrangement will look dazzling for as long as possible. However, with just a slight bit of extra care on your part you can extend the life of your flowers even longer!

Although it requires additional effort, one tip to extend the freshness of your Simply Sweet Bouquet even further is to trim an inch off of the flower stems every few days. When trimming the stems, be sure to trim them at an angle to increase the amount of surface area for water absorption and also prevent the stems from lying flat on the bottom of the vase which would not allow to access the freshly cut stem.

If your floral arrangement came with a small "food" packet it is important to add the contents of the packet to your vase. The packet contents combine with the water in the vase to give the flowers extra nutrients and also helps balance the pH level of the water. Not to worry if your arrangement did not come with a packet; in this case the florist decided that your flowers would not benefit from extra flower food.

One final tip, if over time leaves from your flowers end up in the water of your vase, these leaves should be removed and discarded. These leaves can rot and add additional bacteria to the water which will decrease the efficiency with which the flower stems absorb water.

Components of Your Simply Sweet Bouquet

Yellow Roses

The yellow rose has a wide variety of meanings including optimism, warm feelings, joy, wisdom and power.


Alstroemeria symbolizes devotion, support and the strength to follow one's dreams.

Miniature Carnations

Miniature carnations like those in the Simply Sweet Bouquet signify pure love.


The lavender chrysanthemum symbolizes joy, optimism, and longevity.

Thank You!

The colorful Simply Sweet Bouquet is a Bloom Central favorite and we hope that you enjoy it every bit as much as we do. If you love your arrangement, share the spirit and consider ordering one for a friend or loved one. Bloom Central can deliver to all areas of Castine including Dedham, Ellsworth, Franklin, Hancock, Mount Desert, Surry and Trenton.