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Rugby is a team sport descended from the original football. Sometimes known as rugby football, the sport took its name from the school where it was invented. Countries, where the sport is famous, are the United Kingdom, France, sections of South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Due to the presence of American football, the sport has only developed tiny popularity in the United States. You can by them online at Longshot Balls at a discount price.

Rugby is scored by bringing the ball into the opposing team's "in goal" area and grounding it there. This is referred to as a "try," which is the rugby equivalent of a touchdown. After a successful attempt, the player is awarded a free-kick, scoring more points. Penalty kicks and drop-kicking the ball are two other ways to score instead of a touchdown.

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Two teams of fifteen players each play rugby. Eight members serve as "forwards," which are similar to linemen in American football. Rugby does not allow replacements. Thus if a team member cannot play due to injury or a penalty, the team must continue with one fewer player. In contrast to American football, players cannot obstruct opposing team members who do not own the ball.

Rugby games last approximately 80 minutes. They are broken into two 40-minute halves. The half-time break lasts no more than five minutes, and delays during play are limited to two minutes. A single referee and a pair of touch judges on both ends of the playing field oversee the whole game. Aside from being the sole enforcer of the rules, the referee is also the sole timekeeper in a rugby match. If a successful goal is scored, the touch judges raise a flag.

In many nations, rugby games are played in both professional and amateur leagues. The Rugby League International Federation oversees all of these games. Rugby competitions are held worldwide, including Russia and Lebanon, as well as countries in Europe and Australia. The National Rugby League in Australia and the Super League in Europe are the most prestigious professional competitions.

Guys of a certain age do not just play rugby games. There is a substantial presence of all-female teams that compete in female Rugby leagues. Younger players also use minor leagues. To accommodate younger players, several leagues employ smaller-sized balls and fields. For more information check out LONGSHOT.


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