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Now, local authorities will be given more leeway than ever to determine acceptable levels of radioactive exposure next time a reactor melts down, a dirty bomb explodes or a truck carrying fracking wastewater takes a curve too fast and upends itself in your rose bushes. Under these new guidelines, residents near a spill may be exposed to hazardous levels of radioactivity.
Whether through loopholes in federal environmental protections or lax state-level regulations, the oil and gas industry is already granted plenty of room to exploit our essential resources.
Above all, the new guidelines are a sobering reminder of how dangerous many of our current energy sources actually are. Hugh Kimbell: You want to know why the MSM (Main Stream Media) don’t cover fracking and the KeystoneXL pipeline and radiation in the frack waste?

If you’re like most people, or scientists, the answer is probably “any amount.” But the Obama administration apparently didn’t get the memo because this week, it finalized new guidelines for the amount of radioactivity to which the public can safely be exposed following a nuclear incident. You know there’s something wrong with the methods we’re choosing to light up our nation’s electrical grids when we start arguing over acceptable levels of radiation exposure. Our state of Arkansas refused my requests for testing in 2010 3 months after drilling behind my house and squirrels lost tails patchy hair tumors on neck and died 3 yrs later still the same way dead turkey dead deer dead coopers hawks no snakes we are next for sure and no recourse.
After all, the debate shouldn’t be over how much; it should be over why we’re allowing these accidents to take place at all. My wife and I heard at local cracker barrel 3 workers laughing about sure is pretty up at #70 even if all the turkey are dead. The best way to prevent them is to outlaw the processes that expose us to radioactive waste in the first place.

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