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Erckmann sent a letter of complaint to the county about the incident to request reimbursement for Honey’s medical bills and to ensure that the animal control officer was held accountable. Kirsten Kranz, director of Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue (SPCR), told me about a recent rescue. Since May, IFAW has supported Shelter Pif to care for hundreds more dogs, many from residents fleeing the political conflict and from other animal shelters that had to close their doors and flee with their families.
Thanks to you, Shelter Pif received emergency grants to cover over 2 months of food and medical care for the animal victims of the political crisis in Donetsk and surrounding communities in eastern Ukraine.
There were a few voices supporting animal rights and the importance of a safe haven during and after the storm.
Although the law does not require officials or local government to protect a pet from harm’s way, FEMA has stepped [in] and advocates for animals on its website with specific recommendations for preparing pets for inclement weather. NYC takes step to retire many carriage horses: Two years after he embraced the polarizing cause of ending the Midtown horse-carriage trade, a request of some of his most generous campaign supporters, Mayor Bill de Blasio is set to reduce the size of the industry and confine its horses to Central Park.
Pet dogs lay listlessly under an overturned truck and near a pool of contaminated water in an eastern neighborhood of New Orleans. Take pet food, medicines, vaccination records, and information about pet insurance if your have a policy. If you get trapped away from your home due to a disaster or other emergency, your pet will be better off if you have already made arrangements with your neighbor or nearby friend to take care of the animal.
The temporary caretaker should have phone numbers to reach you (a cell phone number may be the best), and all the instruction necessary to properly care for the animal.

Scientists to Discuss Health of River and Bay in Wake of Record StormsКак влияют бушующие ураганы на Восточное побережье США? For people who love dogs and the outdoors, nothing is more fun than going out to run, walk or play with their beloved and eager pets.
Giant panda fans got two tiny pieces of good news Saturday as the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington announced the births of a pair of new panda cubs.
Months ago we reported on Shelter Pif housing over 900 dogs in need of immediate help as communities across eastern Ukraine were riddled with bullets and bombs fired with no end in sight.
Tim Rickey of the ASPCA says, “If your home isn’t safe for you, it’s not safe for your pet.
Many of the pets disappeared when doors or gates blew open in the high winds, or when they slipped out of their collars. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) pointed out in a brochure it issued about preparing for a disaster, if the situation is dangerous for people, it is dangerous for animals, too. Find out which motels or hotels are “pet friendly,” or which ones will accept pets in an emergency. Those instructions should include a signed authorization for veterinary care, and financial limits to the veterinary care.
The veterinarian X-rayed her and found a six-inch tranquilizer dart in Honey’s diaphragm. According to USA Today, all of the shelters in New York City accepted refugee pets, which legally they are not required to do.

Or plan to go to the house of a friend or relative who will permit you to bring your pet. And getting an animal into a crate for travel will be easier once the animal is used to it. So the shelter called Lynn Erckmann, Sheltie breed representative, current vice president, and former president of Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue (SPDR), to come save Honey and her puppies. The efforts being made are a grim reminder of the results after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which left approximately 250,000 pets homeless. He was severely dehydrated and matted to the skin and physically started crashing shortly after he came into my care. He couldn’t maintain his own body temperature, and I was quite sure he was going to die. He spent a week in intensive care at my local vet clinic, had a feeding tube put in, and was very touch and go the entire time. Suddenly he started to rally, despite all odds, started eating again and proceeded to make a complete recovery.

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