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August 4, 2015 by nsra-admin Leave a Comment In case you haven’t noticed, the world is slowing down.
What amazes me is how you wouldn’t have any idea whatsoever if all you did was watch the mainstream news at 6-oclock. While there are MANY more signs of the coming economic depression, there is one glaring fact… ‘The debt’ will never and cannot ever be paid back. Additionally we used to rely on the fact that the US dollar was the world’s reserve currency.
Many (most) people are tapped out and they are living at the edge of their ability to service their debts and pay their bills – having left little to no ‘cushion’. When it does, and depending on the extent and management of the crash, we will either be facing a long term economic depression, or we will be facing outright SHTF. While we sometimes focus on SHTF scenarios, the fact is that there is a chance that an economic depression might not be an end-of-the-world scenario (although it will be for many).
Though the next economic depression might meltdown into total collapse and social chaos, lets presume in this instance that it (the collapse) turns into a slow and long lasting economic depression, as in the Great Depression II.
The government is providing vouchers for food and assistance but that’s not enough (for most). There has been sporadic violence in the cities and some metro regions, but the police and .gov have cracked down hard. People are moving in with family, friends, relatives in order to have a roof over their heads. 6 Ways to Hack Outdoor Solar Lights for SurvivalOutdoor solar lights are a preppers best friend.
London is one of the most visited European cities, fascinating and mysterious with a rich history and characteristic monuments. Whatever the reason for a long term stays in London is, there are some things to consider and preparations to make before departure. Before departure don’t forget to change some money in the local currency, which is the British Pound. Subscribe to Maiden Voyage via RSS or Email to receive updates when new posts are published. Long term relationships are something to look forward to, what’s not to like about a best friend to love and be your weird self with.
There are a few options in this case and it’s important to plan ahead and prepare to work towards them if the need arises.
Both are viable techniques to gather food, but in the case of gleaning after a SHTF event, and for some types of foods, will only be good for a single season.
Foraging for local wild foods requires an advanced understanding of your local ecosystem – and you need to see yourself as part of it, not apart from it if you want to survive long-term in this way. If you’re currently unfamiliar with your area, or the area you plan to bug out to, make sure you get in touch with local foragers and wilderness guides who can teach you what they know about the local flora and fauna. If you are planning to stay in your bug out area long term (and not planning to become nomadic) you will need to be capable of growing your own food from season to season, and storing out of season foods as well.
Consider investing in an heirloom seed saving kit, or (if you haven’t already) start your own garden now. Start now with experimental cooking and recipes to expand not only your skill-set, but your taste buds so that natural foods won’t be a complete shock to your system when SHTF. Mix up new dishes using unusual greens (like dandelion), local pine nuts, fruits, and berries.
Experiment by cooking with not only fresh and seasonal wild fruits, nuts, berries, and greens, but fungi as well.
If you train with experienced foragers and fungi hunters and volunteer with local gardening groups you’ll gain the essential skills you’ve need to survive long-term. Also, change your mindset from merely surviving, to healing, and becoming healthier and stronger in the process of rebuilding your life and home. In a truly horrific SHTF situation paradigms are going to change and it’s important to possess the skills you’ll need to not only survive, but thrive in that kind of situation.
This post is part of my new series “Long-term travel preparation” which should help you to be well prepared to start your new life. You decide to travel three months, six months, a year or even more, but you have the end in mind with a more or less determined date. When you know how long you are going to travel it’s easier to calculate your total costs and travel budgets. If you are between two jobs or ask for a sabbatical, you know what comes afterwards which is quite relieving as you don’t have to worry about your future. Of course, that is the biggest plus when it comes to long-term travel for an unlimited period of time. When you stay on the road for an unlimited time, it is certain that your money won’t last forever. 7 thoughts on “Long-term travel preparation (2): Travel for a limited or unlimited time?

Attribution Theory Performers who apply the attribution theory tend to show self-serving bias. For there to be so called ‘growth’, it REQUIRES that more people, more businesses, go into DEBT. While calculated debt (managed ‘smart’ debt) can be advantageous in some situations, unfortunately in many circumstances debt is unwise. Well, lets say that the power is still on, electricity is flowing, the system is still functioning (although sporadic), the 1% are still rich and running the world, but most of the rest are struggling to put food on the table because so many have lost their jobs and household take-home income has collapsed (as well as the stock market, people’s 401k plans, and many retirement benefits have been slashed or eliminated). There’s little to no work that pays enough to climb out of the abyss, but there are odd jobs here and there. While you may think that the banks won’t have the manpower to foreclose or to repo your assets, think again. If you cannot pay your debts, they will only give you so much grace period before they will come after you. For those who think of visiting it, London proposes many itineraries to the discovery of its cultures and legends but there are also many who think of long term stays in the British capital, for career purposes or for studies.
For the European Union residents an identity card is usually enough, but for travellers from the rest of theworld, a valid passport and a visa are required. Consider that London has a particularly humid weather when choosing the clothing and don’t forget to bring an umbrella also.
There are plenty travel accommodation options in London and some serviced apartments agencies offer long term stay apartments at reasonable prices. Some of us are completely gung-ho for a committed and blossoming partnership and it’s a beautiful thing. We’re continually working on acquiring the knowledge and skills that can help us beat the odds and survive a catastrophic event. These are the basics, but consider what you’ll do when the provisions run out, everywhere, and there are no more pre-portioned, canned, and packaged convenient survival foods for us to eat? It usually involves heading into wild areas to see what’s edible, ripe, and available for collection. Foraging, however, is a skill that will be essential to long-term survival as natural ecosystems are self-seeding and symbiotic, providing sustenance season after season and year after year. This means leaving food for the other animals, and allowing the plants to self-seed as well. To the untrained eye, and even with field guides (which you should invest in), there can be look-alike plants and fungi that you think are safe, consume, and get poisoned by – but they are easily avoided with some training by experts. You will be surprised how much your perspective and perception changes once you start looking at the wild plants around you as sources of sustenance and survival. This means having the facilities, tools, skills, seeds, cultivatable land, and access to water that is required to grow your own crops to harvest. Consult with more experienced gardeners and farmers and learn how to seed save yourself and start swapping varieties with others. Even if you theoretically know how to cook over an open fire, do so more frequently so that you can hone your skills.
If you don’t yet hunt certain types of small game animals for food (because you don’t have to) be sure to brush up on your skills and practice trapping and catching smaller animals. Take an introduction to fungi class – you’d be surprised how many are actually edible and it can get you through in wet weather. If you dedicate time to learning these things you will be light-years ahead of others and well on your way to enduring survival should the SHTF.
Learn all you can about the nutrients you’ll need to survive, and then gain the knowledge and skills to make those nutrient containing foods easily and readily available to you and your family.
You can say you plan to travel on for example $25 or $50 a day depending on your needs and expectations. You are able to travel by bus or train and can stay longer in one place which makes your travel experience not only cheaper but also more intense. You can go wwoofing for a while, volunteer in another country, work in a beach bar or hostel, attend language courses or live with a local family.
Maybe you can already plan that they are going to visit you somewhere or you might come back home for Christmas or during the summer holidays for example to make the farewell easier. Subscribe to my monthly newsletter and never miss a post by checking off the box Post Updates.
I'm Stef, a twenty-something long-term traveller from Germany with a passion for food and photography.
The previous year you had been the regional champion and you were confident that you were going to be champion again this season, even though you had gone up an age group. Today’s food budget is much more of a factor than the .gov gives credit (via their CPI calculation – Consumer Price Index). However, I wouldn’t recommend paying for a long term travel accommodation before getting in London.
However, consider that in Great Britain driving can be uncomfortable if you’re coming from a right-side driving country.

I am currently working as a blogger for thesqua.re, a community for travellers specifically dealing in major cities such as London, Paris and New York.
I quit my desk job 3 years ago and have been on the trails to over 30 countries and 5 continents since. But before you hop on for the long run, consider the following before entering a long term relationship:1. Gleaning is another technique that involves going into fields or orchards after they’ve been harvested to collect the leftovers.
Harvesting from the local plants, trees, and animals will be essential to long-term survival.
It’s vital to have the seeds of life ready for planting, because without them you certainly will not be able to materialize any real food at all. Purchase or build the tools and traps, and practice the techniques you’ll need to harvest them.
Fungi hunting (and eating) is not without its dangers as well so make sure your skill-set is in top form, and never eat a fungi you are uncertain about. You have to decide beforehand what you want to do, which countries you want to visit and which you want to skip.In order to make those decisions a bit easier (I know how hard it is to decide to skip something), take some time and write down a bucket list. When you stay longer in one place you make better friends, get to know the locals and the country’s culture. I once did that mistake during my last months in Australia and suffered from travel burn out afterwards.
Even if you plan to get a job once you’re there, keep in mind that you might need weeks before finding work and London is an extremely expensive city. The best thing to do is to book a few nights in a hostel or another cheap short stay travel accommodation option and then search for the right apartment. Love yourselfThis is the probably the most important step for a successful long term relationship. We know that there may be a few harrowing months, or even years, that will require extra attention, grit, and endurance. It also has the added benefit of actually being healthier for you as well – since most wild uncultivated plants are more nutrient dense as made apparent by their comparatively bitter taste – and have not been over-bred to enhance sweetness.
Practice the techniques you will eventually use to survive, and teach them to others as well.
Take at least an hour and write down all the cities you want to see, the national parks you want to explore, the food you want to try and the experiences you want to make.
You find places 2-day tourists don’t find, learn the language and see the city in a different perspective. Being in London will give you the advantage of visiting the apartment, meeting the other tenants and the landlord and you’ll also have the chance to inspect all the fittings and furnishing of your future home.
In my opinion, the best way of moving in London is with the underground and with the bus, effective, fast and cheap ways of moving from one side of the city to another.
Though cliche, if you don’t accept yourself, how can you expect your significant other to do so? However, we also have to consider that in the case of a SHTF event there may be some rebuilding and restructuring that needs to come after. Put them together in groups (by continents for example) and order them starting with your greatest desire and ending with the place which would be nice to visit. I mean, you will learn so much working during your long-term trip, make some new friends and at some point you will be happy to do something useful for others.I will soon publish a post on the topic working on the road. A green alternative is bike rentals, although I wouldn’t recommend it as there are few bike lanes and the chances of having an accident are high. Planning for long-term survival (think years and decades) needs to be a part of our preparations as well.
You simply can adapt your itinerary more easily as you for example don’t have a flight to catch to another continent in two weeks.
ExperimentOnce you’ve loved yourself completely and disgustingly (no EGO though), get out there and try out the market. You can either work for accommodation and food to make your money last longer (wwoofing, workaway, HelpX), work in the places you go to (bars, restaurants, travel and tour agencies, hostels, hotels, …) or work online as a freelancer or entrepreneur.
Get hurtI know it sucks but getting hurt will help you appreciate the one you’re with 1000 times more. You can go through tons of relationships feeling indifferent and be proud of lack of pain but in reality, that just meant you weren’t really into the other person. When you do feel the sting of an argument or the detachment of someone important, you’ll understand what the real deal feels like.
Open upIf you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your partner, you better be prepared to hear and experience things completely out of your comfort zone.

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