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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Problem: Educational institutions and hotels need to implement Broadcast Emergency and Public Announcement systems that will turn-on automatically if a video feed is initiated and switch all underlying STB devices to the emergency channel. Solution: SysMaster Broadcaster Emergency PA Solution allows real-time broadcasting of live and per-recorded video stream upon trigger event.
SysMaster Broadcast Emergency Public Announcement solution offers automated broadcast services upon execution of specialized video trigger events. Broadcaster is the only device in the industry that is a turn-key IPTV solution including an encoder and a streamer. Broadcaster is the only IPTV gateway in the industry that supports both multicast and unicast streaming to allow LAN and WAN customers to be serviced concurrently. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.
For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. The trigger event is imitated by detection of video stream via input such as TS IP, Analog feed, or HDMI digital feed.
For example, if an emergency video feed is detected, the system will automatically turn-on all managed STB devices and attached TV sets and tune them to a predefined IPTV Emergency channel.

The encoder is used to capture IPTV media and the streamer is used to send the data feed to the end subscriber. The server will accept individual subscriber Internet connections as well as local area network connections. The server can filter our subscribers based on MAC address, IP address, and Subscriber balance. The hardware is specifically designed to provide optimal performance for IPTV purposes and video streaming. This makes streaming environment independent and allows all advanced HTML browsers to play the stream in real-time. This is a new addition to the popular product for high capacity processing in a single 1U case.
Remote 8 station mic RM8000 and multiple input wall plate LM8000 compadible via a Cat5e connection.
This will allow to start public announcement broadcasting automatically if a camera is turned on, or a specific video feed is started. This allows Broadcaster to be used as a stand-alone server in IPTV projects that do not require complex billing or user management functionality. It supports TCP protocol for unmatched service quality and reliability that is accomplished by the utilization of error correction mechanism.

Generally the Broadcaster is not intended to do transcoding (codec conversion), but if required it can do conversion for Standard Definition Video format. This is the sound standard for emergency warning system or Emergency Broadcast System (EBS). In addition, the server has a built-in stream cache that will recover from temporary feed failures.
In addition, the server includes a DoS (Denial of Service) prevention to ensure that malicious DoS attacks are prevented.
Unfortunately, for High Definition Video formats trancoding is not possible, so the Broadcaster will only capture and re-transmit HD video from satellite or cable feed.
Broadcaster is a basic unit that will only to protocol conversion but will not perform any transcoding. In unicast channel streaming, Broadcaster can service up to 200 concurrent subscribers, while in multicast mode the number of concurrent subscribers is much higher.
Broadcaster Carrier is a high-performance unit that will do transcoding of up to four (4) SD channels or up to two (2) HD channels.

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