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See why Crystal Geyser is proud of its lack of a 10-step filtering process, in this quick video! Directly from the springs of the most pristine geological locations in the United States, this natural spring water provides an exhilarating and invigorating spirit in the spring water industry. Piss poor article… In 2010 the EPA showed that 54 active pharmaceutical ingredients and 10 metabolites had been found in treated drinking water. 5 Stocks to Buy for March9 Monthly Dividend Stocks to Help Pay Monthly Bills8 Best Cheap Stocks to Buy on This Dip10 Companies Screwing Over Their Customers10 Battered Oil Stocks to Buy NowTrade of the Day: Kinder Morgan Inc. I do most of my hiking in the South East so we typically have a pretty good bit of water on or near the trails.
When I bought this bladder I initially wanted a smaller one, thinking I would never need to carry so much water. I bought the Camelbak Better Bottle and before I even carried it on a trip with me realized the heavy weight of it and decided against carrying it. I recently purchased this 32 oz wide mouth Nalgene cantene simply because it will collapse, and only weighs about 0.4 oz heavier than a Gatorade bottle. A lot of people prefer to use the 1 liter Aqua Fina bottle simply because it is light-weight, and very durable (possibly more so than the Gatorade bottles). For me, my blog is a journal, but for others, I hope that it is an interactive learning tool to aid them in their own progression towards lightweight backpacking. This entry was posted in Gear, Water Stuff and tagged Aqua Fina Bottles, Backpacking, Camelbak, Fred water bottle, Gatorade bottles, Hiking, Nalgene, nalgene Cnatene, powerade bottles, water bladder, water bottle, Water Container. The process to bottle only the freshest and purest water begins with searching for spring and aquifer sources protected from agricultural and industrial manmade activities that might pose a risk of contamination.
An earlier study from 2005 by the EPA and the Geographical Survey states that 40% of water was contaminated with nonprescription pharmaceuticals, and it has been reported that of the 8 of the 12 most commonly occurring chemicals in drinking water are estrogenic hormones.[57] Of the pharmaceutical components found in drinking water, the EPA only regulates lindane and perchlorate. It is the one book a young man about town should know thoroughly, and it is the best thing in fiction the English have ever done.
The town has passed a bill prohibiting the sale of  individual bottles smaller than one liter, the BBC reports. Residents or visitors who purchase the banned bottles outside Concord aren’t in danger of becoming lawbreakers. There are quite a few different containers to choose from, depending on what your needs are. This is when I was introduced to the thought that if I got the bigger one at least I could carry extra water if I needed to.
Instead I got turned on to using bottles from the convenient store, such as the Gatorade bottle and the Powerade bottle. My thought behind this is that I wanted something that packed smaller than the Gatorade bottles, but still held the same amount. I did not particularly care about which brand of bottled water I drink, it all taste good to me. These bottles also have a fairly large mouth, which makes pumping or cleaning water easier.

Through it, I, and others, can see how I have evolved from a heavy weight backpacker, to a smarter, more efficient, lightweight backpacker. One thing that you could try is to take a top from a 20 oz Sprite bottle, and see if it threads on the Fred bottle correctly.
Once this location is secured, the water is bottled right at the spring source, ridding the threat of contamination during transport.
In 2009, the EPA did announce another 13 chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics that could potentially be regulated.
It enacted the ordinance hoping to put a brake on the amount of plastic waste its citizens generate.
But Concord shopkeepers who sell the bottles face a warning for a first offense, a $25 fine for second offenses and $50 fines thereafter.
I can go down the road to the convenient store and pick up a 32 oz or 1 L bottle for around $1. Typical volumes start around 24 oz and go up to around 100 oz, with many choices in between, and yes, even above and below. I like to mix Kool-Aid packs in some of my water so that I will have something other than just water with my meals.
Some water bottles and bladders can be as much as 7 oz or even more, whereas some of the 32 oz bottles are less than 2 oz (and surprisingly enough, the lighter ones are most usually the cheapest ones).
Plus there was only a very tiny weight savings by going smaller, so with this in mind, I went with the 100 oz bladder.
I like carrying these bottles because they are cheap and when I buy them they are already filled!
These Aqua Fina bottles are designed a little different from the Gatorade bottles too in that they are taller and slimmer rather than short and fat. Through the use of video, still photos, and of course writing, one can see my progression, as well as check out some of the places I hike, and not to mention some cool, lightweight gear options.
Bottling exclusively at the source provides 100% natural, crisp and refreshing spring water taste. Well, ABC News also sent samples of both bottled and tap water to a university microbiologist to test for the stuff.
The decision on whether or not they are sufficiently harmful to be regulated may not be decided upon until 2012 as it takes time for testing. However, by doing so, the mixes may leave a taste in the container and I will have to work harder to wash it out. This means you will want to have a place big enough to hold the bladder as well as some place close to the center of your back so that the balance will be right.
This allows you to get inside the bottle easier for using something such as a Steripen, or even for pouring some Aqua Mira in. The reason I chose this bladder is because of the video of a truck running over the bladder and causing no damage.
I use these bottles to mix my drinks in on the trail, and when I get home I just throw them away.

It’s listed volume is 32 oz, however it will hold closer to 40 oz when filled completely. Committed to excellence in cleanliness, this spring water undergoes a double disinfection process that uses no sterilizing chemicals and does not remove naturally-occurring, healthy minerals. Of course I can also get on that same site (or the same store) and purchase a $30 (or more) 100 oz bladder. Will you be on a lot of trails that follow right along side rivers, or will you be in the middle of the desert?
I do not add any flavoring to the bladder because cleaning the bladder is hard enough already, so I like to keep only water inside it. However, this cantene will collapse and fit in corners of my pack that a Gatorade bottle wouldn’t dream of going in. Ray Estrella has done a nice review of the Aqua Fina water bottle for use while backpacking and can be read here. This desire for purity extends to environmental responsibility, as the water is packaged in 100% recyclable PET plastic, the most recyclable of all plastics used for packaging foods. The point I am trying to get at is that there are quite a few different options to choose from, and they can start at dirt cheap! Something to think about concerning water bladders (or actually any container) is that you can only fill the container to the top, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill it to the top. Using this, I fill my bladder with my drinking water for the day, and then when I get to camp I use this to collect my cooking water rather than carrying my cooking water all day. What I mean is you can carry 50 oz of water in a 100 oz bladder if you need to, but you can’t carry 100 oz in a 50 oz bladder, if you needed to… Understand? This can be ideal if you want to carry containers that you only need to fill at camp, or to have as a back-up container. Since I boil my water I don’t even have to clean it, but if I choose to do so the wide mouth makes it very easy.
The bottle I bought will hold 13.5 oz and because of its shape and size, it feels quite durable. If I want to carry them empty, they still take up the same amount of room as they do if they were filled. Mine does not leak at the moment but I have read some reviews of other people’s leaking. This bottle is small enough and designed right to fit in small places inside my pack (as any flask would), so I will probably carry it with me on a trip just to try it out.
My only concern is that the small volume may make it not very worthwhile, however, there are other size bottles to choose from.

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