With plenty of interesting and exciting workshops to choose from, you are going to pick 3 workshops a day, building a meaningful learning experience. By choosing the subjects you want to learn and the professionals you would like to learn from, you will know the exact new skills and methods you are going to acquire

No more passive talks in a fully crowded room where you can easily find yourself thinking about other issues in less than 10 minutes into the talk. It has nothing to do with how charismatic is the speaker or how exciting is the topic they are talking about. It's about our lack of focus and need for excitement and interaction

If you are building an IoT product, you are probably on the look after a multi-tool and some super-powers. We had found them for you and assembled a practical learning experience, with over 30 workshops, led by the experts in tech, business, design and operations, from both hardware and software domains. The workshops are curated by Product of Things exclusively for this event

Product of Things Conference is taking place on July 2-5, in Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is where tech meets the beach. The city is an innovation hub and a cultural center, with some of tech's greatest minds and the world's greatest coffee. Product of Things Conference 2018 will take place in Be-All, a state-of-the-art Auditorium with an urban yet intimate atmosphere.

A Product of Things Conference ticket includes:

4 workshops/day
Lunch (no meat is served in this event)
Coffee and snacks
Special pre-event and on-event Meetups

The roots of our conference are in Product of Things, a Tel Aviv based community. We understand the impact of knowledge sharing on our work and the need to grow our network and to share our tools and methods

Our mission is to nurture IoT specialists working with cutting-edge technology on a day-to-day basis. We are here to give you both practical tools and technological inspiration to transform your creation process

Register now at early-bird price before the price-jump!

Reasonable accommodations will be made for attendees with special needs. If you have special needs, please send us your written request to moriya@productofthings.com by April 20, 2018

If you have further questions, please contact us at info@productofthings.com