Welcome to a world where all repetitive and predictable tasks are handled by tech and processes that empower your teams to build more human customer connections. This week focuses on how AI and Automation can significantly enhance how your business uses knowledge to resolve customer issues and how to deflect demand by implementing effective self-service journeys. This week is powered by: Sabio, Twilio and Google.


The rise of the machines has super-boosted the potential of customer advisors to focus on more complex human interactions. During this week we'll explore the ever-changing role of our customer facing teams, from ensuring that customers can speak to a suitably skilled agent in their time of need, to empowering agents in real-time and using the voice of the customer to put the human at the heart of everything you do. This week is powered by: makepositive, Salesforce, Sabio, Verint.


Let's bring it together. Many organisations struggle to keep pace with change. They often feel dependent on ageing tech and hampered by out of date processes, making innovation seem un-realistic. This week will focus on understanding the complex, unique and fragile environments that can reduce your ability to benefit from emerging technologies. No matter where your business is on the innovation curve, this week will open your eyes to the experience and technology expertise needed to accelerate your journey. This week is powered by: Sabio, Avaya, Genesys, Verint, Twilio, Google, Gamma and Semafone.