Key Concepts in MLOps

MLOps is a hot topic as organizations put models into production at scale. In this session, you will learn about key concepts in MLOps that can make the difference between success and failure in your operational pursuits.

Sophie Dionnet, GM, Business Solutions at Dataiku

Managing Data Science Projects using Dataiku

Managing models in production requires more than just service performance. To understand if your model is working properly you need to understand drift in both concepts and underlying data. Once you know you have an issue, how do you fix it? In this session, you will learn how to use Dataiku to accomplish these key management tasks from the experience of FLOA Bank.

Vincent Gallmann, Senior Data Scientist at FLOA Bank

Insights on MLOps Challenges and Adoption

Machine learning operations is a hot topic for data and IT teams. Are you behind in adopting this critical technology? Anthony and Dan dig into this topic in a discussion about the realities of MLOps for businesses today.

Anthony Bulk, Technology Associate Director at NTT Data & Dan Darnell, Director of Product Marketing at Dataiku