Raoul and team! Absolutely terrific 2 days. Amazing content and incredible guests, no way anyone could have brought so many stars together other than you! Way to go Real Vision.

– Javier F.

This conference could be one of those seminal landmarks in the history of finance.

– Daniel A.

Take a bow Raoul and Team Real Vision. What an extraordinary Crypto Gathering, felt like a fanboy at a comic con. This has been by far the most edutaining conference I’ve attended, virtual or otherwise.

– Bhavya V.

Forget drinking from a firehose, this is drinking from Niagara Falls... Love it – thanks Real Vision!”

– Johnny

Real Vision, Raoul, I’m supposed to be working but I spent the entire day listening in to this amazing set of speakers… Bravo to you sirs.

– Christian

What you guys are accomplishing today is incredible. So efficient and enjoyable, and you’ll have archives for what we miss unlike a real conference.

– RP

Given the worldwide standing ovation (all night from Tokyo here) to Real Vision, [it] clearly goes without saying an awesome Crypto Gathering event. Just wanna say you’ve also just put the nail in the coffin for the whole conference/seminar biz and model.


I wish I was this excited about learning in high school.

– Ryan