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Take the challenge out of securing your buildings, offices and homes with Zicom's CCTV Surveillance System. The CCTV System serves as a most effective medium to detect early signs of danger and also provides you with the visual proof of a security breach. Security is an aspect of concern for all to ensure protection of self and family members, property, offices, and livestock etc. A digital video recorder (DVR) is a device that records video in a digital format to a disk drive or other memory medium within a device. Sixth Sense Automart precisely knows what security meant for those who love their family and belongings intensely. Being the leading manufacturer of world-class security systems, Zicom has designed and developed an extensive range of technologically advanced residential security systems. Sixth Sense Automart and Zicom are set to bring back a sense of delight on the faces of those having in any business. It's a Secure WorldWhomsoever felt that security is a Herculean Task, here are some myth-busters! Wireless Home Alarm System: Ideal for residences, a wireless home alarm detects any unauthorised entry and alerts the homeowner instantly.
CCTV Surveillance System: The closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a method of surveillance wherein video cameras are fitted at particular places and the live pictures are then transmitted to a set of monitors.
Fingerprint Lock: Keyless entry is another way of keeping unwanted visitors away from your residence. Video Door Phone: Sitting inside a building, an occupant can not only see who's at the door but also interact with him. Multi-Apartment Video Door Phone: This is an upgraded version of the video door phone and provides protection by enabling interaction with the visitor at the building entrance and just outside the apartment.
Fire Alarm System: Modern day fire alarms are equipped not only with fire detection technologies but also enable hassle-free evacuation. Access Controls: Meant primarily for offices, access controls comprise finger print readers, face detectors, card readers, proximity access control readers and biometric card readers. A security system that offers internationally accredited, technologically advanced Cameras, Digital Video Recorders and Monitors. Use of security cameras is considered as best way of deterring the criminals from causing harm to you or your property (even when you are thousands of kilometers away from your place), keeping away intruders and even for checking activities of your kids.
Of course, all follow the same path and want to be steer clear of any peril, related with home and shop security. These wireless systems tender absolute door and window protection, motion sensor, home security yard and window signs. The masses, in general, felt that since it's the rich who are subjected to burglaries and thefts, electronic security systems and devices are their takeaways.
Rajnish Aggarwal, Managing-Director of Adept Designs, observes "There is an ever growing need of electronic security systems considering the rise in crime rates and the socio-economic scenario where the rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer." Adept, a Delhi-based concern with a pan-India presence, is a leading name in electronic security and provides CCTV Surveillance Systems, Fire-Alarms, Access Controls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Automation, Light Controls and Building Management Systems.

Pramoud Rao, Managing Director of Zicom Electronic Systems, states, "The escalating rate of crime in the country, along with the awareness about the importance of advanced electronic security solutions is one of the primary reasons of the growth of the sector. Renowned for having pioneered the concept of affordable security solutions in the country, the brand has undertaken numerous initiatives aimed towards creating awareness for security products and services in the domestic market. Fitted with sensors, a wireless home alarm works on radio frequencies and transmits signals in a vast distance range.
Although CCTV has been in vogue in shopping malls, airports, banks and convenience stores, even housing societies and offices can benefit a lot from this surveillance technique. The remarkable feature of this gadget is that more than one indoor camera can be attached with the outdoor camera. What's more, there is an intercom feature for inter apartment communication within the building or even between buildings in a complex. Herea€™s how you can make your existing home smartera€¦It\'s responsive, doesn\'t need to be pointed at the bulbs to work, controls brightness as well as changes the colour of the light per your taste. You must have seen security cameras installed at vital installations like business houses, malls, banks etc. These are just a few of the technology solutions that many of today's companies need if they want to reduce the changing risks they face. However, few would disagree that this perception is fast changing in these times, reports S D Khan. And if the identity of a person is not pre-registered with the system, then access is denied. So, you can peep outside your house while relaxing in the living room, unwinding in the bedroom or cooking in the kitchen. The home security system of such magnitude will offer you a chance to think other than the looming danger of theft all the time. With the increasing thefts, robberies and larger security led issues like terror attacks the awareness about the vitality of advanced security solutions has certainly increased." Nevertheless, he feels that despite the rising acceptance of electronic security systems, these devices are yet to find more takers in the home segment. ENRG Rainbow Smart LED bulbs­ ,17These 9 Watt LED bulbs are a quick upgrade when you want remote controlled lights while the colour changing feature is a superb bonus. If we look closely, the average incomes of Indian households have risen considerably over the past decade or so.
Conversely, all new apartments in the country are equipped with advanced security solutions like the Alarm Systems and Video Door Phones." Well, these are encouraging signs! The RF remote (Rs 1,000 extra, but a required accessory) can be used to control up to 20 bulbs.It's responsive, doesn't need to be pointed at the bulbs to work, controls brightness as well as changes the colour of the light per your taste.
The burgeoning middle-class, which comprises a substantial chunk of the population, is thinking beyond the necessities. Agreed that electronic security systems are mostly visible in new apartments at the moment, the scenario is likely to change.
Take tier-I and tier-II cities for example, where a considerable lot of homes of even the salaried are adorned with luxury items.

Aggarwal points out, "Earlier, people over here used to take security as a medicine and not as a precaution. When a builder or a developer plans a new residential condominium, he tries to ensure that his deliverables are epitomes of modern day lifestyle. No wonder, every new apartment nowadays is a trendsetter which many in the 'trend-savvy' bracket want to emulate. And since security is now an integral part of lifestyle, it would be sooner rather than later that electronic security systems will find more places in pre-existing houses as well! With the system armed, any changes will wirelessly alert the central panel which sets off a loud alarm.
During 2010, more than 90,000 burglaries were committed across various metropolitans such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkakta and Hyderabad. These figures are quite telling and further strengthen the age-old belief that industrialisation and crime go hand-in-hand! You no longer have to worry about technicalities, loads of equipment and messy wiring.All you need is a WiFi network and a smartphone. What bears ample testimony to this is the fact that these devices are becoming increasingly visible in offices, housing societies, hotels, shopping complexes, malls and airports.
And it wouldn't take an analyst to predict that the coming years would witness an upsurge in market growth! The camera needs a power outlet and can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall.You need to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network using the provided setup instructions A­ takes around 5-10 minutes. The entry-level lamp restricts you to 64 colours while the table lamp lets you switch between 16 million hues.
If you want to deviate from the standard white and off-white lighting, you can use different colours to suit (or change) your mood. The Philips Living Colours range is available in micro (Rs 4,025), mini (Rs 11,999) and tablet lamp (Rs 13,225) variants.They offer multiple colours and adjustable intensity to instantly give a new look to any room. Havell's USB Power Sockets ,17Most phones and tablets can get charged with USB, so why not have some USB sockets around the house instead of plugging in chargers?
If you already have modular switches you can get a Crabtree Athena USB charger (Rs 625) that replaces an existing switch with a USB port to charge your devices. Motion Sensor Lights ,17Although not entirely new, motion sensor lights are almost always overlooked, even though they can provide substantial savings in power costs (essentially paying for themselves over time).These lights automatically switch on when they detect any motion (they have infrared sensors built in) and switch off after a certain amount of time. Orvibo Wiwo-R1 Wi-Fi Remote Control ­ ,17Do you have about 8 or 10 remote controls in your living room?
What if you could replace them all with just one simple interface on your phone?You need the Wiwo-R1 unit which has 360-degree infrared emitters and connects to your home Wi-Fi network you control everything through the Allone app on your smartphone or tablet.

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