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Extremely clean light weight tralier sailer, easily towed by smaller car, ideal as a weekender.
Yanmar Powered 6,500 Watt Diesel Generator - This Yanmar powered diesel is suitable for standby power or emergency use and has plenty of power to run your home, job site or business. Internet-sivuillamme esitetyt mallit saattavat poiketa maahantuotavista myyntimalleista.Pidatamme oikeuden tuotteiden hintojen ja teknisten tietojen muutoksiin ilman erillista tiedotusta.

The generator's simple, compact design allows for easy installation in a variety of applications requiring a small footprint and can be anchored to a concrete pad or operated free standing.Like all Central Maine Diesel generators, this unit is fully customizable. Tarkista tiedot tarvittaessa moottorin kayttoohjekirjasta tai teknisesta asiakaspalvelustamme.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

From auto start controls to fuel systems to 3 phase upgrades, you can customize the genset to fit your application!

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