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Glenn Greenwald, Michael Ratner, Jennifer Robinson, Mark Stephens, Geoffrey Robertson and Per E. In order to make a proper evaluation of what is true and real about the risk for an extradition there are some concepts that have to be understood.
In August of 1992 the Swedish government refused to extradite Edward Lee Howard, a CIA agent that had defected. During the last 50 years I do not know of anybody that is extradited from Sweden to the US for political or military crimes. I wrote a post in December 2010 on the question whether Sweden could extradite or deport Assange to the USA for illegal espionage or similar crimes after the UK has extradited him to Sweden for a criminal investigation on rape.
I must say that I am very surprised that so many lawyers, diplomats, politicians … that have an opinion about this case are so very wrong. I’ve asked Glenn Greewald if he could name just one case where a person have been extradited from Sweden to the US in similar circumstances as Julian Assange. Michael Ratner is President Emeritus for Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and president for European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) based in Berlin. From this quite one understand that  Geoffrey Robertson does not have a clue of what he is talking about. I don’t know what information that Mark Stephens has that makes him seriously believe that Julian would be extradited and and end up in Guantamo. Per E Samuelsson is of the opinion that Julian Assange is in greater danger of being extradited to the US from Sweden than he is form the UK. The film maker Michael Moore is one of Julian Assange supporters and is one that raised money for his bail. There is not room enough to mention everything that Julian Assange has said about extradition. Any question of where Wikileaks is currently or where it might be going (much less where it has been) is met with admonitions not to provide fodder for critics or foster doubts and, of course,  accusations of disloyalty. Later that day Mr Assange said he feared his last avenue of appeal was about to be terminated by the British crown prosecution service. The Supreme Court, in their decision on June 14, gave Julian an extra 14 (fourteen) days to prepare an appeal to the ECHR. PS: I am not defending his decision to refuse to let them change the tag at this late hour as I have no knowledge about the arrangement with this security firm who is responsible for checking on it. Most of us, including the CPS, thought it strange that Julian should get extra favorable treatment.
While ur entitled to your opinion Goran I find it strange how a lay person like u ridicules lawyers who are experts in this field. At last but not least JA entered the Ecuadorian embassy on June 19 several days BEFORE his appeal time had ended. PS: Ur assumption that u alone as a lay person are the only one who was graced with enlightening while everyone else is a fool who gets it wrong makes u appear more then a bit arrogant.
PS: and yes ur current massive and constant attacks on WL ARE a turnaround from ur former support. In many posts on my blog I comment on the fact that Julian and his lawyers lie and misrepresent facts. It is evident that you make up facts and misrepresent facts just like Julian and his lawyers. The Supreme Court in its decision on June 14 gave Julian Assange an additional 14 days to the 10 days he is allowed by law. If there is some kind of foul play, which there isn’t, there has to be a long chain of events.

If the UK authorities wanted Julian to be arrested they would have gone to the address at a time where Julian should be according to his bail conditions and arrested him. These charming posters focus on the use of basic punctuation marks – perfect for Key Stage 1.
Samuelsson are all lawyers that have claimed that there is a great risk that Julian Assange will be extradited to the US from Sweden if he is extradited from the UK. If the Supreme Court (Hogsta Domstolen) approves an extradition the government can stop an extradition. For example unwanted diplomats or foreigners that have committed serious crimes can be expelled, deported. During this period thousands from both countries fled to Sweden to avoid to serve in the war. Edward Lee Howard was suspected of having supplied the Soviet Unionen with information that had led to the murder of at least one person.
Because of the simple reason I cannot possibly imagine that they are not aware of the rules governing extraditions or that they are not aware of Sweden’s track-record of extraditions.
He has in made some ridiculous statements claimed that Julian Assange is in danger of being extradited from Sweden to the US. She is saying that the verdict in the Supreme Court puts anybody in Europe at risk of being extradited if a prosecutor just says so.
One might have thought (I did) that Julian Assange, champion of internet freedom and transparency and whistleblowers, would be eager to face his accusers … not unlike the defendents in other political trials.
He claimed that the crown prosecution service intended to scrap his possibilty to appeal to the ECHR after an alleged bail violation BEFORE he entered the building and therefore BEFORE June 28 or his possible extr.
I find it curious that u claim to know why they tried to have the 14 extra appeal days removed. We are in a conspiracy to get Julian Assange like so many other except for you and Rafael Correa.
Again u have no knowledge about why if at all the CPS applied to have the 14 extra days removed.
I enjoy the knowledge you present here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I have asked Glenn Greenwald, Michael Ratner and Jennifer Robinson for any facts that support their claims.
If the Supreme Court does not approve an extradition the government cannot extradite the person.
It was regarded as an easier solution than to grant them political asylum because of the political situation. What is most interesting with the refusal to extradite Edward Lee Howard is that the Prime Minister at the time was Carl Bildt.
The reason they were denied political asylum was because the were suspected of belonging to a terrorist organization according to the Swedish Secret Police, SAPO. It is two completely separate processes even though Julian and his lawyers don’t seem to understand it. If Julian Assange and his lawyers are unaware of the case with the CIA defector (I know they lack expertise) they would, after they get this information immediately correct themselves and recommend Julian to crawl out of his closet at the Ecuadorian Embassy and immediately go to Sweden to be interviewed.
It is very likely that one person with a reputation for being an expert commented on the case without having studied it properly.
I think it is remarkable that a person that has some legal education cannot discriminate between applications for political asylum and extradition. Is this depending on the fact that her colleagues are men and that they believe if you talk convincingly people will trust you? Why doesn’t Mark believe that there is great risk that Julian, if he is extradited to Sweden, will risk being strangled by a one legged green sumo wrestler with a leopard skin pillbox hat. And it does not help that he surrounds himself with a flock of banana-eating lawyers that are just as scared as he is.

And his imagined fears were so strong that he thought it was a good idea to step into the Ecuadorian Embassy. U make it look like his lawyers made that prospect up when they were simply quoting the opposition. Sweden`s excellent relations to the US and the fact that several senior politcal figures incl.
Please provide links that back up ur story+proves that the claim that the security company noted a bail violation is false. PS: I said I haven`t seen u REPEATING it lately NOT that u never said it in the first place.
Then someone has to convince the company that is responsible for Julian’s bracelet to go out to his house and fit a new bracelet. The same applies for a person that has applied for political asylum or a residence permit and the application is denied. The US was at the time very interested in finding out what was going on in Sweden and attempts were made to infiltrate deserter associations. There is no extradition to a country where the person is risking a death penalty or torture. The case with the two Egyptians that were sent back to Egypt in December of 2001 on suspicions they were terrorists proves this point.
It was evident that Michael Ratner does not have a clue about the procedures and Sweden’s track record of extraditions. The reason was Julian would only be detained because there was a fear that he would flee (a well-founded fear).
On the 14th June SC rejected the appeal and gave Julian 14 (fourteen) extra days to appeal to the ECHR plus the 10 mandatory days. And you ask of me to be nice to you when it is obvious that you can’t read and think.
If I was the CPS I could not understand why Julian should be given 14 extra days to appeal to the ECHR.
The company went to the address at a time where Julian according to his bail conditions should be to fit a new bracelet. Then the new bracelet has to be of some very special kind that is doing harm to Julian (what that harm could be we have no idea) in such a way that he could not walk and get into the Ecuadorian Embassy. The European Court of Human Rights will never approve of an extradition to a country where the suspects risks a death penalty.
Since it was an asylum case with suspicions of terrorism the Supreme Court was not involved. And this is supposed to be the President of European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights. Every day that I remain in England, it is dangerous, and if I am in Sweden, it will be at least as dangerous as it is here, and very probably more so.
Julian’s interpretation of the statement on June 14 is proof of bad knowledge in Swedish and Swedish legal procedures.
I do not think that the US tried to have any deserters extradited since it is very clear that the treaty between Sweden and the US prevents extradition for political and military crimes.
They know it is futile to apply for an extradition in cases where there is no chance that extradition will be granted. And what is it that makes him believe that he can go on like this and think that people will continue to believe him?

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