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We have had quite a few people calling in to ask whether the new Lynx Touch panels, the L5000 & L5100, will call out for self-monitoring purposes. The next thing that you will see on your screen is a bunch of icons to different sections of the panels programming. Would you please let me know if the call-out for self monitoring is also available via a GSM SIM card?
This will allow your alarm panel to dial two phone numbers beside a central station phone number. The Lynx panels have a built-in phone dialer and the terminals are located on the main circuit board.
If you run a line out from the panel to feed the other lines in your house then the Lynx panel should really be first in line.
When the panel calls you it will voice announce what is being violated on your system and will ask you to press a certain key on your phone to stop the message. We do receive a lot of phone calls concerning this subject and we thought we would write about it for everyone’s general knowledge.

I mean that we install a GSM module on the system, and it uses a SIM card intead of PSTN for call out. But we have tested this out here in the office and we do know for a fact that both of these panels will call to phone numbers for self-monitoring. This is very useful if you do not want central station monitoring service right off the bat. Now, keep in mind that, if someone disarms the system the panel will not make the phone call.
You can have the Lynx call you in case of emergency and it will announce what exactly is being violated. If you have two numbers programmed into your Lynx panel and it dials out to the first number and then someone disarms the system it will not call the second number. Now that we are done in this section you’ll hit the back arrow to return to the previous screen.
This is a very useful feature and we are glad that we can help you understand a little better the functioning of the follow me feature. After choosing reporter you will choose phone one and then another screen will appear with one icon that says phone type.

You will then touch the phone number I can’t and input the phone number that you want the Lynx panel to call when alarm condition occurs. After inputting the phone number in through the numeric keypad you will touch the done icon.
The next step that you need to take is to enable the reports that you want the panel to send when there is a condition.
You can enable all of the reports by choosing the report all icon or you can select each one separately. You are now done with this set up for making the Lynx panel call you to receive notification.

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