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The Department of Treasury has put out an ad for survival kits for all of its employees who oversee the federal banking system.
Contracts for survival kits are usually made for the military, or law enforcement such as the FBI. The emergency supplies would be for every employee at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which conducts on-site reviews of banks throughout the country.
The government is willing to spend up to $200,000 on the kits, according to the solicitation released on Dec. The survival kits must come in a fanny-pack or backpack that can fit all of the items, including a 33-piece personal first aid kit with “decongestant tablets,” a variety of bandages, and medicines. The kits must also include a “reusable solar blanket” 52 by 84 inches long, a 2,400-calorie food bar, “50 water purification tablets,” a “dust mask,” “one-size fits all poncho with hood,” a rechargeable lantern with built-in radio, and an “Air-Aid emergency mask” for protection against airborne viruses. The Emergency Preparedness & Response Specialist is a professional in the field of emergency preparedness. Someone in the decision-making process has a close friend, relative or associate in the survival-kit (or components thereof) business. Thats right, its like the worthless gear we had in the Air Force that we were forced to use instead of good gear.
Did Webb Hubble Just Inadvertently Admit to Being Chelsea Clinton’s Biological Father? Stay alert, slow down, and stay in control — the three key elements of safe winter driving. Make sure you have sufficient windshield washer fluid in the reservoir that is rated a minimum of -40°C temperature range.
While regular or "all-season" tires, including wide and high-performance tires, may be adequate in some areas, they may not be suitable for driving in the snowbelt regions.
Not only can the candlle and small tin help with lighting, but also generate some heat while waiting for help.
If you are in an area with cell phone service and have a cell phone, use it only when necessary.
To ensure you are prepared to handle winter road conditions, consider an advanced driver-training course that teaches emergency driving skills. When the rear of the vehicle ahead passes the marker, count "one thousand and one, one thousand and two". Be careful when approaching shaded areas, bridges, and overpasses, as these sections of road freeze much sooner in cold weather and stay frozen long after the sun has risen.

On snowy, wet and slushy roads, large trucks and buses can blow moisture onto your windshield, leading to a sudden loss of visibility.
It is critical for drivers to see and be seen in low light conditions, and when blowing snow and white-outs impair visibility. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. Does anyone else think that with the growing intricacy of cars and technology, that there is no longer a car mechanic but instead a car technician? Motorists have one more “tool” for their winter survival kit, thanks to a new smartphone application. NOAA has declared this week “Winter Weather Preparedness Week.”  Everyday this week, NOAA will have tips for us on how to stay safe during winter weather in the USA. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Winter storms often result with millions of people being left without power, heat and fresh running water. 1) Ensure each family member has an emergency kit packed and ready with at least 3 days of food and water. 7) Bring pets INDOORS and ensure they are prepared in the case of evacuation or emergency situations. The Ministry of Transportation's winter driving infographics provide useful tips for safe driving during the winter. Other text: They begin to lose their grip below +7°C and are not as effective in heavy snow and on ice. After starting your vehicle, wait for the fog to clear from the interior of the windows so you will have good visibility all around. Having essential supplies can provide some comfort and safety for you and your passengers should you become stranded. The stopping distances of studded tires are comparable to those of winter tires, under most winter conditions. If your car skids or hydroplanes, cruise control will causes your car to continue to accelerate, reducing your reaction time and the ability to control your vehicle.
Watch out for frost, areas of the road that appear black and shiny, as they can cause your vehicle to suddenly lose traction.
Some are excited to dust off the skis and winter jackets, while others may be dreading the months ahead.

Being prepared before a winter storm is extremely important, since they hit quickly and leave dangerous roads and conditions in their paths.
Tires marked with this symbol are designated for snowy conditions and offer excellent snow traction performance.
Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to avoid situations where you may have to brake suddenly on a slippery surface. They improve driving safety by providing better traction, braking and handling during frost, snow, slush, and particularly under icy conditions. Slow down, keep your foot off the brake, and be ready to shift to neutral or step on the clutch as your vehicle crosses these areas.
Proper preparation and the right skills will help you face the challenge of winter driving.
But no matter which category you fall into, one thing is certain: Being prepared for winter is a MUST! All tires have tread wear indicators, which are small bars of rubber found between the tread blocks of a tire.
Sudden, hard braking, going too fast around a corner or accelerating too quickly can cause your vehicle to skid and even roll over. When the tread is worn flush with the tread wear indicators, the tire has reached its wear limit and must be replaced as it no longer provides sufficient traction in the rain or snow.
Heavy slush can build up in the wheel wells of your vehicle and can affect your ability to steer. Also, consider adding traction control and stability control options when purchasing your next vehicle.
Remember, look far ahead as you drive, so you can recognize hazards and have plenty of time to respond. Slow down and avoid sudden turns of the steering wheel, and sudden braking and accelerating, which could cause a skid.

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