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The PSB like a wool blanket is still warm when wet, unlike wool it is very easy to dry, even in the field. Cover colors can be varied from Multicam on both side which we call a Concealment Blanket (PCB) to no camo at all, such as OD Green on both sides.
Items included: Blanket, Shock cord loop with cordloc, Ripstop nylon stuff sack (non-compressing). PCB, PCBT, PCBL are standard size, tall, and large, all with Multicam (camo) on both sides for full concealment.
PSBx, PCBTx, PCBLx, same as above sizes but with no Multicam premium camo fabric, mostly solid colors. Looking for something?Use the form below to search the site:Still not finding what you're looking for?
Firebox Folding StoveWe now have the new Generation 2 stove in stock which features a side feed option and extra set up options for even more ways to use the stove. Personal Survival Tarp - SmallNow we introduce a new tarp the PSTS, impossibly small in size, and yet possessing an amazing functionality. Our great Woodland Camo is available in two color styles, Woodland (standard) and Woodland TBO. For those who want the PSTS in MARPAT, we currently have a supply of this MIL SPEC fabric on hand. Having used a Doan Magnesium Fire Starting Tool for more than 30 years, with never a failure, and having tried versions of every other thing out there we elected to use this as representing what we feel is the most reliable fire starter anywhere.
Under Quilt for Poncho - HammockThe Under Quilt is specifically designed to match up with our Poncho series, snapping to them to provide insulation underneath when used as a hammock. We were able to catch the Utah Valley Super Preparedness Fair last year and had a great time sharing our products with everyone that we were able to meet. To officially hit the ground running with our new MULTICAM survival gear, along with adding some excitement to the show, we will be doing a drawing each day (both April 6th & 7th) where we will give away one MULTICAM Fire Starting Kit. If you have any additional questions on this show please let us know at [email protected] or through our Contact page.
The PSS has twelve separate webbing tabs for different tent and lean to configurations depending on the circumstance.
Breaking Surviving a Venomous Snake Bite – What You Need to Know When is it safe to start your garden?

There are 3 color styles listed below shown in Blue, one for each style of colors; PSB has a camo color on one side and a solid color on the other, PCB has a camo color on each side, PSBx has no camo colors but is a solid color on each side.
We have teamed up with the inventors of the Firebox, and bring you a complete stove option that is hard to beat with any other wood stove on the market. Adding each accessory to your gear inventory adds variable  benefits for cooking in the wilderness.
The openness is refreshing, while the astounding number of ways a tarp can be set up encourages creativity in the mind.
There is virtually nothing to break, if the fire starting situation is more challenging you can scrape more shavings.
Unlike many other fire starters that throw a shower of sparks and cannot vary the heat they put out, with the Doan you can use a few scraps of shavings for simple fires or scrape a quarter sized pile to generate enormous amounts of heat to start damp materials or things like tire rubber. The bar of magnesium is light weight and has a Ferro cerium (flint) rod embedded on one side that is scraped to produce a shower of hot sparks to ignite the Magnesium shavings.
All these items are contained in a durable cordura case with 2 pockets, velcro flap, MOLLE compatiblity, and  D ring.
Wilderness Innovation will have a booth displaying all of our products that we currently manufacture.
There were many vendors with awesome products and from what we have heard, there should be even more this year, along with great seminars that you are able to attend. At each of the shows we attended last year, we were able to bring something new to the show that we didn’t even have for sale on our website at that point. So make sure if you are able to make it to the show to sign up for the drawing! After the show we will be officially launching the MULTICAM survival gear line on the website. We are very excited to meet the people that follow our company, and receive feedback on how we are doing. They just recently introduced their Personal Survival Shelter (PSS) in MultiCam Camouflage. In the shot below you can see the standard hammock set up along with some supplemental insect netting they offer that can be snapped into place. They also offer a one foot addition at the rear of the poncho set up for the long version, which allows for added coverage of packs or other equipment worn on your person. The strong steel tubing and the ability to convert into a backpack for travel, make the Respite a convenient and durable piece of equipment.

So just choose your color style, then choose your size, a drop down will allow you to choose your color choice.
The TBO which stands for Tan Black Out coating, is a unique Tan underside coating that blocks all light transmission, nice for concealment purposes. The kit also contains Concentrator Paper that allows starting a fire with as little as 5 scrapes of shavings,  and FireStix to lengthen the burn time in tough conditions.
Exclusively at Wilderness Innovation we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the Doan magnesium Fire Starter, which means that if you use all the magnesium on the bar or the bar or striker rod break, just send us back what is left and we will send you out a new one at no additional charge.
We continue to receive great feedback from each of the shows that we participate in, and really enjoy meeting everyone and building our relationship with our customers. The PSS is a three purpose individual piece of material that can convert into a hooded poncho, hammock, or tent.
The poncho set up is simple with a hole in the middle of the material with a hood providing head coverage and incorporates a paracord drawstring for quick adjustment. Like its larger versions it comes with parachute cord, sturdy tent stakes, tabs all around for tough tie out points, carry bag of matching fabric, or an optional Cordura carry bag with MOLLE compatibility. Snap tabs surround the outside of the PSS to confirm the poncho to your upper body and keep rain out.
A unique combination of modern materials, the PSB utilizes an exceptionally soft polyurethane foam insulating core, with highly breathable nylon cover, DWR coated to repel water. We have had so many people excited and asking about our survival gear in MULTICAM, and that day is finally almost here! The entire kit comes complete with a Cordura Nylon carry bag with MOLLE webbing for attachment to load bearing equipment and two lengths of 550 parachute cord. The hood also snaps to the material itself to cover the hole when used in the other configurations.

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