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Pokemon fans have been trying to "catch 'em all" since the franchise's debut in 1996, but the uber-dedicated now have the opportunity to take home one of the rarest trading cards, for at least $50,000. The Pokemon Pikachu illustrator is being auctioned off on eBay by Scott Pratte, a 26-year-old professional card collector. The card, printed in 1997, was originally created as a reward for fans who submitted illustrations of their favorite characters.
While the popularity of the Pokemon franchise has seemed to decline since it was a cult phenomenon in the late 1990s, the market for the trading cards appears to be still booming. Nathan Hill, president of Hill's Wholesale Gaming, boasts about the continuing popularity and demand. Pratte even has another copy of the same valued card that he might auction off if this one is successful enough.
While it might take a while for a card to out-value this rare Pikachu illustrator, Hill of Wholesale Gaming predicts that this isn't the end of the pocket monsters, which will continue to thrive.
4977 growing savings - this image by gratuit is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
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Of course there are many other images you may be interested in beyond the five provided above, and several great places where you can find them to download if you have the budget to spend a little money. Marching with instruments: Clipart Of has several images that depict band members marching. Vector band theme images: Shutterstock has a nice selection of vector images depicting marching bands, as well as artwork that can be used for band programs, camps and more. With so many great band-themed images available for download, there are plenty of choices to help you show off your love of music and marching.
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He says the "Holy Grail of Pokemon" has multiple reputable bids for more than $50,000, out of 450 total. Only six of these cards exist and only four have ever sold, one for more $20,000, according to Bulbapedia, the Pokemon encyclopedia. Pratte's card received a score of 9 out of 10 from the Professional Sports Authenticator, which qualifies it as "mint" condition.
Images are free of charge for both commercial and personal use in websites, printed materials and products, under an attribution license. Whether you're putting together a printed program or web page for a band event or if you simply want to add band-related images to your scrapbook or craft projects, these free clip art images help you get the artwork you need without busting your budget.

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