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When you’re expecting your first baby there is so much to learn and so many things to prepare.
Receiving Blankets: A versatile thing to have on hand, receiving blankets can be used to keep baby warm, can shield you when breastfeeding, can help keep your clothes clean during feedings and can be used to cover the car seat when baby is napping. Pacifier: A pacifier can work wonders to keep baby calm when riding in the car or to help soothe your baby to sleep.
Toys: Having a small toy in your bag can be great to occupy an uncooperative baby so you can get on with the diaper change. Bottles: If your baby is formula fed then be sure to pack enough formula and bottles for your outing. Healthy Snack for Mom: Taking care of a newborn is hungry work and it is so easy to forget about yourself. Its necessary that you have your ID,drivers license, insurance card if there’s any,and most of all your clinic card or book that indicates your previous visits to the clinic and the history of that pregnancy. Make sure you have wipes,soap,toothbrush,toothpaste,lotion,deodorant if necessary,shower caps,facial cleanser,Hair brush and hair clip, Your hair can get irritating at times and feel like you want to cut them off but having these two will help you hold them nicely and feel somehow relieved from something. These can be read for you by a professional, friends or hubby if he’s around to help you unwind the thought of  too much labour pain. You wouldn’t want to miss communication, or rather encouragement or motivational messages from your loved ones just because your phone batteries are low or went off.
Ear phone or external speaker to listen to some cool music that will help soothe you before delivery.
You are likely to feel hungry during this time and eating a heavy meal might not be so easy and snacks would do, grab some nuts, crisps etc and a drink would do. These will make you move around easily and comfortably without feeling so heavy at you feet. Even after you give birth, knowing what to put in a diaper bag for delivery -post delivery is another thing altogether. Visitors are expected to come see you after delivery and one might want to have that beautiful feeling of holding your little delicate baby for a while so you can easily change if one gets dirty.
You never know for how long you are going to stay at the hospital, having a good number of onesies is necessary so the baby wont feel stuffed up with one for long. During the first few days after birth ,mommy’s breast will appear so enlarged since the milk is now coming and the breast pads are necessary for support and to protect milk leakage when baby is not breastfeeding.
Have yourself comfortable, loose outfit and flat shoes when going back home.For the baby, ensure that you bring along warm outfit which also includes socks, hats, a warm receiving blanket or a snow suit in case its a cold season. Some hospitals will provide diapers but you may want to carry your own for extras and make sure that when you put diapers on for baby whose umbilical cord is not cut be sure to fold the diaper. These will cover baby’s fingers  for warmth and more so are necessary since some babies are born with long nails and might scratch their faces. Mostly provided by the hospital,but you might be having a different brand in mind that you think will suit you for that heavy flow.
There are a ton of other newborn baby essentials to pack in a diaper bag, some of which will be defined with your personal style. This checklist will help you what to put in a diaper bag and how to organize it to better use. Several diapers to change every one hour or two, depending on how long you are going to be outside and always put extra diaper, just in case.

A changing pad or a blanket is necessary to cover the surface when changing your baby diaper.
When you need to take the dirty diaper with you, then you must have a several diaper disposal bags. One or two bottles, one for breasted milk or formula, and another one for water if it is necessary.
If you use a pacifier for your baby, store it in a clean bag to keep them clean, anytime if the baby needs it. If you want a good-looking bag that does not appear to be simply diaper bag, take a look of these fashion diaper bags. Just yesterday I learned a valuable lesson on making sure that I know what to pack in our diaper bag before we head out of the house. A tip to keep them very cold is putting them in the freezer to get frozen, wrapping them in aluminum foil and enjoying them cold as it slowly thaws in the summer heat. The combination of pee, the heat and humidity and moving around can cause a lot of irritation for a little one. When a father of four makes a diaper rash cream that is loved by thousands, then you know you need to have it stocked. At times it may feel a little overwhelming and you may wonder if you’ll ever get everything ready in time. Start out with these basics and then adapt your bag contents as you get your routine in place and get to know your new baby. You can either get a fun and funky novelty case or buy a plain one such as the Huggies brand travel wipes. If there’s no garbage nearby then you can use a plastic bag for soiled diapers until you can throw them out. Keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer on hand is a great idea for use when you don’t have access to soap and water. Teething babies tend to drool a lot and for the first six months babies are known for frequent spit-up. Babies can also get bored so having a toy handy will buy you some extra time so you can complete your grocery shopping or finish your lunch.
But one of the best ways to take care of your child is to take care of yourself so you’ll have the energy you need.
It’s also good practice to take a quick peak inside your bag before you leave the house just to be sure you have everything you need.
Perhaps you are a first timer mom and really have no idea on what to bring along on that D-day.The unexpected can happen for any reason and you should be well set when the day comes. Believe me it sucks when you miss that single moment you have been waiting to share the latest bundle of joy.
Every mom is unique ranging from minimalists, over packers, celeb moms and the funky personalities. To prepare your diaper bag as quickly as it can, first start to point and figure out what is necessary and you need most, and what you can leave behind. Put a good travel pack of wipes which are perfect for a diaper change and any other use, such as cleaning your hands. Many diaper bags come with one changing pad, if not, then buy a larger one separately, or bring a hand towel from home.

You can use the blanket for many purposes, to cover the baby, if the weather change, or cover any surface if necessary. Do not forget to take a hat which is good for keeping the baby`s head protected from sun or rain. It was only 15 minutes into being at our local fair that Korey tripped and I realized I left something at home. Well when you have a young child or a child with special needs sometimes they need that little extra something to get those tears to stop. I made sure everyone had a reusable water bottle filled so that we didn’t have to spend extra money on drinks all the time at the fair.
Not to mention that he is also a pharmacist and made Boudreaux’s Butt Paste to be paraben, preservative, and phthalate-free along with containing no artificial fragrances.
The things that technology has done to help my special needs children far outweighs the negatives that you hear people yelling all the time. You can easily refill this case instead of buying a new one each time (both the Huggies and Pampers travel cases come with only twelve wipes but you can repack it with at least twenty).
Otherwise consider packing a half used tube from your main diaper station to help keep the weight down and so the cream doesn’t expire before you get a chance to use it all.
If your baby is prone to frequent spit-up, then you may want to pack an extra shirt for yourself. Be sure to always pack a healthy snack that you can eat easily while one-handed and on the go. And, of course, be sure to double check that you have the diaper bag with you when you leave.
Even though we pack special character bandages, having the sticker is just a great way to make them stop focusing on the pain.
Sure I like to treat the kids and me to a lemonade or a fruit smoothie here and there but it can add up quickly. Spending more money than we wanted to we bought some for Kyler but it would have been easily avoided if I would have double checked that they were in the bag. In our diaper bag we keep Original Butt Paste and always make sure that grandma or nanny has the All Natural formula.
If we need to let them play on a tablet or see a phone in kids mode for 20 minutes then we do it. Hand sanitizer is also essential for cleaning hands after you’ve been shopping, especially if baby has been riding in the shopping cart.
This could be a granola bar, a bag of trail mix, chopped veggies or even a sandwich that you’ve prepared ahead of time. As your baby grows you will eventually be changing a diaper every two to three hours during the day and will go through one or two diapers at night.

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