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Here you will find Technical Information and help about automotive and electronic producs and services. Do you know or have any information that you think would be helpful to the community and would like to share it in this blog?You are welcome to post it if you would like to! After publishing our article about IAT resistors, many people have been requesting related information not included in the mentioned post. We don’t have the info on the Toyota Corolla handy at this moment, but below you will find how to identify the connection of the iat from the maf sensor.
The BMW manual for the IAT sensor location is very simple and do not provide location pictures. The MAF sensor is located in the incoming air path at the left side (driver’s side) of the engine compartment.
The MAF has 5 wires on its connector and the IAT is directly wired to the wire #5, which color is YELLOW with GREEN. The resistor can be wired from that wire #5 to any of the two black wires in the same connector, which are #3 and #6 (Yes, it has 5 wires, but for some reason they are numbered 2,3,4,5 and 6).
Please remember, one lead of the resistor is wired to one of the black wires, but the black wire is NOT cut or disconnected from the MAF sensor. The other resistor lead is wired to the #5, and the wire must be cut from the MAF, leaving enough length on the wire that goes to the MAF, so it can be reconnected in any future time you wish to do so. The incoming air temperature read by the ecu, will be altered (fooled) by the resistor replacing the IAT and this false registered temperature will depend on the amount of the resistance. In this case, the connection must be done by opening (cutting) wire #1 and connecting one lead of the resistor to the part of the cut wire that goes to the ecu and the other resistor lead must be connected to wire #5, without cutting it from the MAF. As you may have noticed, it will take one three way switch and two resistors, not just one. I wish I had come across your information before wasting the time and money for that resistor sold to me on ebay as a fuel performance chip. But I do have the chip, and know where the MAF is, but do not know which of the wires to hook it to. Unfortunately, I don’t have the information on the 2010 model, but if like it is been happening so far, the MAF from a prior model might have the same configuration. In a note apart from the topic, eBay buyers like you should take action and leave a negative feedback to these sellers as this is dishonest business and sellers know it. I think that the word should be spread and tell people about this article so they don’t get fooled. I bought one of these off ebay for 25 bucks, he said it was a chip, got it in the mail 7 days later.
The other resistor lead, must be connected to wire #5 (Brown), without disconnecting it from the MAF.
The first wire should be cut and the side that goes to the ecu is to be connected to one of the resistor’s leads and the other lead should be connected to the second wire (GND), whithout disconnecting it (No cutting) from the Flow Meter sensor. About your 1995 Hyundai Elantra, the IAT is embedded with the MAF sensor which has 6 wires.
I am looking for color code used for the wire which sends the temperature signal to ECU from IAT in 2007 Suzuki SX4 1.6 Petrol.
We don’t have the information about the color code on that model, but we do have a picture of its configuration. After reading all the info, I’m confused as to your final opinion of these resistors.
The reason I put the information and even help people find the facts for their cars, is for those who won’t just take my words and would like to try it anyway.
I am pretty sure that most of those who have tried so far, have realized that it is not worth it. I invite all of them to leave their comments about this, as I am generalizing and may be it was worth doing for someone.
I hope that with the new FTC laws, those scammers with their fake testimonials are taken down, out of business, if that can be called a business. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! This difference in staining is due to the difference in the cell wall components of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. To answer this question, we have to have a close look at the cell wall layers of these bacteria. Before ethanol treatment, the purple colour in Gram negative bacteria is mainly due to the staining of outer lipid layer and thin peptidoglycan wall with crystal violet. On ethanol treatment, lipids are dissolved in ethanol and peptidoglycan wall is very thin to hold the stain so gram negative bacteria lose violet colour.
In Gram positive bacteria, the lipid content is very low and has a thick peptidoglycan wall. Software development managers make sure that their workers' physical safety is secured - assuring that office ergonomics are up-to-spec, and in compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. I need to install a french drain to prevent the water from getting to the wall of my house. The above picture shows a foil of plastic that is installed in the french drain before anything. On the other side my concern regarding to the effectiveness of a french drain that is built attached to the wall of the house is questioning an issue that could be easily avoided by installing such a plastic foil on the side of the trench that faces the house wall. 2) I also don't understand, in the absence of the plastic foil, what prevents the water from getting further below the gravel in any direction.
The highest point of a patio surface can be as much as an inch above grade-enough so that the lowest section is at grade.
4) I am not sure about the soil that is under the patio but the surface of my patio is clearly not graded. 5) If I have the french drain installed as in the layout from the first picture will it be effective since there is a 90 degree turn at the corner of the house?
The first picture was provided just as an illustration, an example to how close the drain will be to the wall.

The water table around my house is very high with a lot of surface water due to clay subsoil. I already abandoned the idea but thanks, you just described and confirmed that my plan is correct.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged french-drain or ask your own question. Is there an objective answer to whether or not taking a multi-vitamin dietary supplement is beneficial to health?
What happens to the 99.9 % of the sun-rays that do not fall on any planets or any other celestial body?
How bad do your teaching evaluation scores have to be before you should leave them off your resume? Although we commonly think of water changing from liquid to vapor only at the boiling point, phase change by evaporation occurs at any temperature, not just at the boiling temperature.
On some vehicles, the info of this sensor is very relevant, making considerable changes depending on the value present on this sensor, while in other vehicles it will cause very small changes. That should be enough for doing some simple temperature tests as described in the first published article about this.
This is because the reference is taken from the harness connector terminal and not from the MAF connector terminal.
I am amazed that many people still have success selling such a rip off and they don’t even send installing instructions.
Otherwise you will cut an important ground connection needed by this sensor, making possible erratic behavior of the vehicle. You can use a toggle switch, putting its common terminal to the IAT wire that goes to the ecu and then select any of the three possible positions, being them, (1) one connector to the normal IAT on the MAF, and the other two to a couple of resistor values, (2) one for rich and (3) one for lean.
If you are getting any change in performance, consumption, fueling or ignition, then you are on your way.
In this case, the hook up must be done like in the last drawing above, by cutting wire #4 (MAF side) and attaching one lead of the resistor on that same wire at ECU side. On one hand, you seem to be giving lots of advise for people to DIY their own but on the the other hand, you call them a “scam”? That is an intelligent way of thinking and I am in favor of that, so the least I can do, having the knowledge, experience and information on hand, is to help them do it them selves without paying a dime to those scammers. Those bacteria that retain violet colour are Gram positive, and those that lose violet colour on alcohol treatment are the Gram negative.
Look at the figure and see the difference in the cell wall layers of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria.
So ethanol cannot remove the crystal violet stain bound to thick peptidoglycan wall of gram positive bacteria.
On the other hand, managers verily require that software development workers undertake some of the riskiest behavior in the contemporary workplace. Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose, which is to collect water from the near by area in all directions?
My concern is that in the eventuality that something goes wrong with the french drain the water will collect close to the house wall and it will actually aggravate the problem.
The only time when the pipe will collect water is when the amount of water is more than the soil at the bottom of the french drain can absorb which is not very often. That's just a drainage trench so that any water that washed down the lefthand surface will run into the drain instead of running through the door opening on the right of the drain. My experience of 25 years in my current house (boat?) is adding a french drain around the house is a patch to a larger yard grading problem. At two temperatures, when the water melts and when it turns to steam, the temperature stands still although BTUs are still being added.
You may change between economy and power or just go back to stock (factory) settings any time. I mean, be mentally prepared as we are just giving away this information in an attempt to stop people scamming on eBay and now beyond eBay.
What it is been proved so far is the placebo effect, that with the mere fact that something has been installed on the engine, people think they feel some gain at least. It's entirely common that software managers require workers to undertake work the crosses the line of being merely questionable, and moves squarely into the territory of negligence. Then remove 4? inches of soil plus the thickness of the pavers to make room for the 4-inch gravel bed and a 1?-inch sand base, leaving the lowest surface of the pavers 1 inch above grade. This includes going from right beside the house; all the way to the brook (including some 60 degree and 40 degree turns because of rocks!). It is better to look at the lay of the land and determine where the water comes from before committing to a specific type of construction project.
This is provided as an option for people who want to try the IAT resistor modification anyway, so they can do it without paying a pennie to those scammers. The area under the deck and the area south of the deck is not getting lots of water and the wall is fine in that area. My sump pump used to go off every 15 minutes, ever since I rerouted the water, it goes off only ever 1 hour and 20 minutes. If the water can be diverted with planting or minor grading long before it reaches the patio corner, then that is a better first approach and a more durable long term solution. In the case of software development, "safety" is an issue of undertaking work in a fashion that doesn't expose the software worker to unnecessary risk - especially risk that is easily avoided. That is, it's easily avoided for someone who understands the work of software development at a high-enough level of expertise and detail to guide workers away from unsafe practices.An unsafe practice in software development is any work done in the present moment that makes work in the next moment take longer to complete.
A reasonable analogy for this is the notion in physical materials work of a clean workplace.The purpose of a clean workplace is to remove the clutter that hides unseen, unsafe conditions.
It's a lot easier to trip over an errant piece of material in the workplace when its surrounded by a profusion of other errant materials. When hazards are so common that they blend into the background, we simply stop noticing them, and this is how we come to be put at greater risk.The more unsafe clutter we have in our workplace, the more we have to work around. The more we have to work around, the more time it takes us to do work.If a manager can't detect the conditions that makes work take longer to accomplish than expected, he doesn't adjust his expectations for cycle time accordingly. This means that he expects more to get done - the original work, plus the workaround work - in an amount of time that would be reasonable for the completion of the original work alone.This makes workers even more careless, exacerbating the accumulation of obstructions and hazards in the software development workplace as a result.

Accomplish the great task by a series of small acts."Although, you can only do those small tasks if you can detect their presence. The finer your ability to perceive counter-productive deviations, the quicker you can respond to them.
The longer you wait, the further off-course you'll be when you finally realize that you need to make a course correction.
Someone who isn't an expert in the work can recognize when the work is off-course, but his will only recognize it after it has become more expensive to deal with than necessary.And this, as the average software worker would tell you, is the day-to-day conditions in which their work is done. Software workers rarely get ahead of the clutter curve, and have to invest significant effort to keep their workplace free of hazards. Paraphrasing Taiichi Ohno, if you're not moving forward, you're falling behind.Each individual scrap of hazardous material in software development is typically quite small - small enough in fact to be easily deemed negligible - even by people who do the work.
The hazard presented by two iota of hazardous waste in software isn't the sum of the hazards - it's the sum of the hazards compounded by some multiplier.
Hazards in software don't exist in isolation, they interact with each other creating a higher order of hazards that is greater than the sum of their parts. Two pieces of hazardous software that interact with each other don't create two hazards, they create two hazards compounded by the amount of interactions between these modules. To make matters worse, all modules that interact with hazardous modules in close adjacency also get infected.
Lack of day-to-day expertise in software work often leads to negligent underestimation of the risks associated with the "design hernias".Software hazards compound very quickly. If subtle hazards in the tools and frameworks that programmers are slated to use are not recognized immediately, the accumulation begins before the first line of code is even written.When we ask software workers to continue to work in such conditions, we might as well send them into a mine filled with coal dust and require them to hyperventilate for several hours each day. Sooner or later they are going to have to escape the job to escape the hazards, or they are going to acquiesce to the irreconcilable differences between a manager's expectations and the realities of the working conditions that the manager himself feels entitled to not be exposed to for having already "paid his dues". They come to learn that no matter what they do until they escape the work, they are more than likely going to end up on the losing end of the software work proposition. To see looming hazards when they're small, you have to have detailed knowledge of the work in the here and now. This is simply not possible when managers have removed themselves from the work.It's far too common for software development managers to feel entitled to be removed from the work of software development - as if removal from the work is a reward for having done the work for a number of years. The reward for doing software development work for a number of years is not an escape from the work, but an immersion into a far deeper understanding of it so that its expert insight can guide software work away from hazards. Of all the escapes that can be orchestrated by software workers, an escape into management is indeed and in fact an act of pure negligence.Software work is works in intangibles. But software diagrams don't show the looming problems while they are still small; still manageable gathering storms that can be dissipated through judicious application of minimally-invasive countermeasures. And yet managers who feel entitled to be removed from the work perpetuate the fantasy that summary representations like diagrams are sufficient to bring their purview into action on the software projects they manage. This is pure folly, and software tool vendors are quite happy to continue to exploit it.By the time you've detected a software hazard that can be seen in a summary representation like a software diagram, you're looking at a problem that has festered for far too long. You should be able to detect the chemical markers of the disease long before you notice that lump in a vital organ.Programming work is almost entirely mental. Its effectiveness is influenced by psychology, cognition, awareness, and communication far more than by any material concern like ergonomics, an ultra-fast workstation, or multiple monitors. Software systems are far too large and far too complex to be held in entirety in the conscious focus of any single software worker in any single moment.
You have to be in the code, and to know enough about code to understand which subtle design differences are looming problems and which aren't.The average software system is a dark coal mine filled with the poison particulate of tomorrow's case of black lung. We do this because at some point in our careers as managers, we believed that we were entitled to be removed from the details of software work.Sooner or later, enough hazardous software material accretes in a software system that managers step in, and often the first thing they do is look for a root cause in the workmanship of the software workers. The absence of informed, skilled, and insightful software management and guidance is always a preeminent cause to unattended workmanship.
The workmanship is, of course, a problem, but it's a side-effect.This is like blaming miners for an underground explosion due to the accumulation of day-to-day hazards that result from institutionalized negligence of clear and present dangers that should be managed the moment that they show their first signs.
We ask them to do this from our organizational perches far about the hazardous conditions of software projects. And then we hang them with the inevitable costs of this kind of mismanagement.It's the software worker that is required to spend extra time in the mine to balance productivity that is lost to management negligence.
It's the software worker who is required to take on the duties on sanitizing data by hand without the safety of the proven automation that should have been built right to begin with.
And they suffer the humiliation of blame when lack of management insight can't see it's own reflection in the root cause mirror.
And institutions lose the invaluable institutional knowledge when workers escape the organization altogether.
And it's completely avoidable.If you're not willing to be in the day-to-day work of software development, you're declaring loud and clear that you're not qualifying yourself for the authority to make decisions that direct software work.
You ask them to take risks that the workers themselves know that you can't see, and they know that because you can't see them, that you will likely not understand that the accumulation of avoidable hazards into full-fledged, clear and present dangers is your fault to begin with.Workplace safety is a serious productivity issue.
It's a basic expression of human respect for the people who work for software development organizations.
Understanding workplace safety for software developers requires a high level of expertise in software development, and it requires day-to-day currency in software development. A manager who is not willing to have insight into the details of the work that he is responsible for is patently disrespectful of his workers.
He constantly puts them into harm's way by presuming to express authority without knowing whether his expectations are hazardous to the health, well-being, and viability of software work and software workers. Beyond disrespectful, it's dishonorable.The software field isn't at risk of programmers forming a united front and leveraging collective bargaining, and frankly such a thing isn't likely what anyone wants. But dealing with the root cause issues that have driven other industries to such actions is a win for everyone when obstructions to productivity are removed in the process.

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