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Meniere’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear that causes those diagnosed with it to suffer all manner of problems with their equilibrium. This gentleman (a definite stretch of the word) goes back and forth from being friendly with me, to downright threatening my life.
The police had hosed this guy with so much pepper spray, you would’ve thought they were cross-training with the fire department! For the next half hour, he wailed and moaned, dropping F-bombs at full volume and writhing around in agony. Most of the people are finding it difficult to cope up with the hectic life schedule physically as well as mentally.
The yogasanas, that were practiced by Indian sages thousands of years ago, not only reduce stress, but also keep the body and mind healthy and fit. You have to lie down on your back without any movement concentrating only on your breathing.

It improves the blood circulation and is very effective for stress reduction if done regularly.
It is sometimes hard to diagnose correctly and its symptoms vary in intensity from patient to patient.
Luckily, he has enough slack on the restraints to perform the necessary movements on his own, so i just have to give him a urinal that’s sitting on the counter. Every time I went over by the guy, to give him some juice, my eyes would start watering… his face had been soaked in mace.
The best part was, that before he figured out what was happening, he was rubbing his crotch like a madman trying to sooth his pain- oops. I put some gloves on him and fed him a steady supply of wet wash cloths until the pain finally subsided. Close your eyes and observe how your abdomen stretches out when you breathe in and how it contracts when you exhale.

I spend mass time and energy trying to convince him to come to ct scan with me and finally he agrees. The rest of the day went much better, it was just what was needed to break him of his attitude. I take a security guard with me and he cooperates to go from the ct table- back to the gurney and into restraints.
When you lie down in poses like savasana, you get the benefits of guided imagery or visualization.
When the stress becomes prolonged and it goes beyond the normal limits, it can cause a lot of danger to the physical as well as mental health of a person.

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