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Today, Pure Revolution reveals its solution to address the extremely unsafe water conditions in rural Mozambique.
Mozambique's limited access to raw water supplies makes it dependent on its neighbors upstream for about 50 percent of its surface water. According to published reports, only about 43 percent of the Mozambican population has access to an improved water source, and only 32 percent has access to adequate sanitation. Although actual figures on access to safe water vary by source, lack of access to water is undeniably one of the major causes behind the cycle of poverty.
The attached pictures were taken in a small rural town in Mozambique where PureOFlow custom-designed and delivered at no charge, a non-electric water purification system for the people in this village. The PureOFlow reverse osmosis (RO) system removes up to 98 percent of the substances found in water both natural -- such as hard water salts, and manmade contaminants.
As a company, Pure Revolution envisions a future where the world's fresh water crisis is addressed and managed through home technologies. More than 1,000 businesses have trusted PureOFlow technology to provide purified water efficiently and cost-effectively to their customers. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. We Provide Easy To Use Sea Water Desalination & Brackish Well Water Filtration Systems Designed For Residential and Commercial Drinking Water Systems. WB USA manufactures high quality water purification, alkaline, bottle filling and reverse osmosis systems for commercial and residential applications. ESP Water Products offers handheld portable water filter products for camping and other outdoor uses at competitive prices. Featuring a 5-stage filtration process, the RO incorporates polypropylene sediment (PP), Granular Active Carbon (GAC), Carbon Block (CTO) and Reverse Osmosis technologies to provide crisp-tasting, bottled-quality water at 2 cents per bottle.
By default every iSpring Water Filtration system comes with thirty-day money back policy and one-year limited manufacturer warranty. Besides installation video on YouTube and Knowledge Base on our website, we provide direct customer service.
Installation Hardware — Tank Valve, Feed Water Adapter, Drain Saddle, Teflon Tape, Two Wrenches, 3 spare O-rings, 2 spare Elbow Fittings, and User Manuals. Plus Features — Pre-installed Automatic Shut-off Valve and the Check Valve work together to shut off the system automatically when the storage tank is filled up. Located in Alpharetta, Georgia, iSpring Water Systems LLC is specialized in Water Filtration Systems for both residential and light commercial applications. Luxury Designer EU-style Faucet ($45 value): featuring Brushed Nickel with stainless steel look and ceramic valve, this quality faucet replaces small gooseneck chrome faucet to add elegant look to your kitchen. Storage Tank Valve: some customers complained it needed more than 6 rounds of teflon tape to seal. Automatic Shut-off Valve: some reviews complained it failed to stop water when storage tank is full. User Manual: featuring updated parts list, detail figs and straight forward 8-step installation instruction, it is the enriched paper version of the youtube installation video. Bigger RO membrane square footage delivers 75GPD great tasting water that fills up tank faster and is with longer lifespan, up to 1.5 times than 50GPD system. While the price tag of a reverse osmosis system (or RO system) may seem startling at first, it is actually a very affordable solution for you and your family. Manufacturers suppliers of Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent treatment plant and Air Pollution Control Equipment. The Series 3000 is a value priced, conventional water softener that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Fresh Water Systems is the leader in water filters, water filtration, purification and treatment with 1000s of products by all the top manufacturers. Aqua Sun International manufactures drinking water purification systems, portable water purification and stationary water purifiers for remote applications.
Since 1993 our mission has been to provide safer drinking water globally and to deliver Quality and cost effective reverse osmosis systems that provide powerful solutions for all water treatment applications. We design, manufacture and supply the globe with the most advanced and best quality reverse osmosis water filtration and treatment systems for residential, commercial, industrial, seawater, pharmaceutical, military, international RO water treatment systems and more.
Recent studies have raised serious concerns regarding the quality of reverse osmosis water purification systems and RO filtration systems from overseas importers offering low quality and pricing. If you’re in the market for reverse osmosis filtration treatment systems, you deserve quality backed by pricing and customer service.

Call us direct and find our for your self why Ampac USA supplies the largest distributors in the world with our reverse osmosis filtration systems. Stainless steel exterior and interior pressure gauges for accurate measurement of water maker functions.
Unique Low Voltage Control Circuitry, shielded terminals, & covered high voltage components for end-user safety. Improved FILMTEC seawater membrane combined with automated, precision element fabrication result in the most consistent product performance available.
Stage 4: Extruded activated carbon filter consist of virgin activated carbon powder, a thermoplastic binder, and specialty adsorbents such as zeolites oxidizing filtration media. Stage 5: Ultraviolet disinfection is a means of killing or rendering harmless microorganisms in a dedicated environment. Seawater typically contains from 32,000 – 45,000 ppm of total dissolved solids (TDS). Desalination of Seawater and Treatment of Brackish Water were among the first practical applications of reverse osmosis.
AMPAC USA Sea Water Desalination Watermakers are effective at lower pressure than older types, and also produce higher permeate water to feed water ratio. AMPAC USA Sea Water Desalination Watermakers will feed raw water through a series of filters to remove solid impurities as well as to treat turbidity and other problems. The RO Booster Pump will increase the pressure to force the feed water through the reverse osmosis membrane, resulting in delicious, salt free, purified water exceeding the World Health Organization Standards for Drinking Water Applications. AMPAC USA Sea Water Desalination Watermakers combined with automated, precision fabrication result in the most consistent product performance available in the Sea Water Desalination today.
These conditions were having a long-range health and economic impact on its people, so Pure Revolution custom-designed a PureOFlow water purification system. UNICEF reported a few years ago that unsafe water and poor sanitation were responsible for almost 55 childhood deaths daily. The supply of safe water is important to the development of any country because it supports public health, which ensures economic growth. Unlike any other water purification system on the market, PureOFlow utilizes a special membrane technology through an exclusive licensing agreement with GE.
Most of the community members are not working, and cannot afford their own supply system for cooking, washing, bathing, etc., so they are getting water from shared sources such as a school or church borehole, community well, etc. Ozotect Water Purification Systems – From small home water purifiers to large commercial water purification systems.
ESP Water Products offers affordable, brand name Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems, Filters and UV Replacement Parts. Next, a 5-micron GAC filter reduces chlorine taste and odor, as well as mineral oil, BTEX, Poly aromatic hydrocarbons (PACs), phenol, and halogenated substance.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us before and after your purchase as your satisfaction is our business!
Our products range from Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Filtration (UF), Whole House, Under-Sink, Counter Top, and Shower Filters, along with Replacement Filter Cartridges, Filter Housings, Kitchen Faucets and Fittings. Those with well water will find the reverse osmosis system useful because it will remove any salt that is present in your well water, making the water drinkable. Installing a new RO system could potentially save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars a year by getting rid of your need to buy bottled water. Aqua Legion (UK) Ltd, is a specialist, London based Water Hygiene, Air and Legionella Risk Assessment Consultancy. Buy aqua air water system tank at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Aqua Cooling, UK supply, maintenance and design of cooling systems, chillers, thermo regulators and temperature control systems for industry.
Simply stated, our RO water treatment systems and reverse osmosis water purification systems can’t be beat.
Cases have double-throw latches, a molded plastic handle, and a hole to accommodate a padlock, with the addition of two 2" dia. The filters are manufactured as continuous lengths of rod, tube, slab, flexible flat sheet, or as other complex shapes using a proprietary solid-state extrusion process.
The World Health Organization has established a maximum TDS level of less than 500 ppm for drinking water standards. This system, which was donated a few weeks ago to a remote village in Mozambique is already improving conditions for its citizens.

Furthermore, it reported that the country had one of the highest child mortality rates in the world: 246 out of every 1000 live births die within their first five years. In rural areas of Mozambique, women and children spend hours collecting water - energy and time that could otherwise be spent productively in school or at work. As water passes through a PureOFlow system containing a series of membranes, particles as small as 1,000th the width of a human hair are eliminated along with any trace-amounts of contaminants in drinking water. The Pure Revolution line of PureOFlow products represents the best solution to address today's economic and environmental concerns related to greener, cleaner water solutions, as well as offering a valuable solution to water softener bans across the nation. For the third stage, a denser carbon block filter removes any residual color, taste and odds (CTO), as well as difficult-to-remove chemicals such as chloramines.
The water from a reverse osmosis system is just as clean, and often cleaner, than the bottled water that you would otherwise purchase from the store. Large selection of replacement water filters, reverse osmosis membranes, testing kits and water filter system repair parts. The resulting products are highly porous and extremely uniform, providing high performance adsorption and particulate reduction at low flow resistance when fabricated into finished filter elements. Ultra Violet disinfection is used to disinfect and sterilize Permeate Product Water after the Desalination Process. Reverse Osmosis water treatment technology is capable of making seawater drinkable by reducing the total dissolved solids by 99% or more. Thirteen percent of these deaths were directly attributable to a lack of access to clean water, proper sanitation and poor hygiene practices. This revolutionary technology is a new approach to water purification that delivers desalination and purification in one system, offering the most resourceful and cost-efficient water purification on the market. PureOFlow systems satisfy all of these concerns by generating ROI and contributing positively to the environment. We believe clean and safe drinking water should not be a luxury item but a must-have for every household. While city water is generally considered safe to drink, it sometimes contains small amounts of contaminants that many people would rather do without. Installed where the main water line enters your house, an Aqua-Pure standard whole ho use filter reduces sediment particles. Ampac USA Sea Water Desalination Watermakers are specifically designed for those applications. With affordable pricing, solid quality, and prompt delivery, we are committed to earn 5-star customer satisfaction.
Our Dallas plumbing contractors suggest a home reverse osmosis system to remove these contaminants, and make your tap water clean and pure. We are able to sell you the reverse osmosis system, and one of our plumbing professionals can then install it for you. Provides both plastic (poly) and steel water storage tanks, septic systems, pressure tanks, submersible well pumps, and other accessories.
The system’s fourth stage of filtration is especially important, as it involves the pressing of water through the NSF certified reverse osmosis (RO) membrane, the same technology used to produce bottle water.
Our Dallas, Texas plumbing contractors can also install a reverse osmosis system that you have bought on your own. This semi-permeable membrane features tiny holes at size of 0.0001 micron(µm) effectively removes arsenic, lead, perchlorate, chromium, copper, TDS (total dissolved solids), sodium, and a long list of other water contaminants.
As with our other services, we are able to provide you with a consultation and estimate to help you decide if a reverse osmosis system is right for you.
If you do choose to purchase one, your home's water will be more pure than almost any other water you have tasted before."Fast, friendly and affordable. The fifth stage of filtration utilizes a finer GAC filter, which works as a final polishing filter when the water leaves the storage tank on its way up to drinking faucet.
Besides helping yourself, with any type of iSpring water-filtration product you use, you may also prevent up to 16,000 plastic bottles from polluting environment –all in the time it takes to use and replace a single filter.

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