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For the ultimate in Eco-friendly mobile coffee, look no further that Coffee Latino’s Coffee Bike, Exclusive to Coffee Latino is the fantastic Mobile Coffee Trike. Just like the other vehicles we have on offer the trike comes with the complete package to set up your very own mobile coffee business.
Mobile Coffee Bike, Our unique coffee trike is without doubt the finest coffee bike on the market, A professional conversion ready to sell over 400 espresso per hour - No other bike copes with this demand. We offer a complete design service and you can choose from computer cut vinyl in a wide range of colours or full colour digital prints.
Our vehicles can be fitted with the latest technology in solar charging, Coffee Latino was the first UK coffee company to trial the solar system and we released our first solar Ape back in the summer of 2007. A purpose built bespoke racking system, fabricated to the highest standard with a hard enameled powder coated finish. Similar to an A frame, our detachable towing hitch easily and with minimum effort transforms your Coffee van into a Trailer. San Jamar Stainless Steel Counter Mount Adjustable cup dispensers are not to be confused with cheaper imitations.

We’re specialists in the mobile coffee industry with an endless supply of knowledge on Mobile Coffee Carts, Mobile Coffee Vans and Trikes. Migration Tiny Homes is a custom builder of Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOW) made with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS). You can use one of these trikes sell Ice Cream, Smoothies, Flowers or anything else you may have in mind. The machine displays a split brushed and polished steel, which compliments our conversion beautifully. So we can cater for simple low cost lettering to graphics and logos, or even more elaborate and eye catching larger prints including complete vehicle wraps. We loved it so much we are now an official UK distributor for one the the worlds leading solar panel manufacturers. Keeps milk perfectly chilled and is made to measure for a perfect fit into a Piaggio Ape coffee van.
We offer professional Barista Training to ensure all our clients are armed with the best practices and know how in order to make the perfect cup.
This model is completely off the grid with solar power, water storage tanks and propane on demand hot water heater. The kitchen has no counter space and the pictures are awful – not enough of them and very poor quality.
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We also offer magnetic vinyls that can be removed and replaced from the vehicle at your leisure and convenience. You can upgrade anywhere up to 245 amph or we also supply 6v cells going up to 320 amph.Talk to us - tell us what you want to run and we can work out your power consumption and make sure you have the correct batteries for the job!
Whether you’re completely new to the mobile coffee business or you’re looking to expand; our passion, straight-talking advice and personal service can make all the difference. This is ideal for people who want the ability to change their promotions regularly, say for events and shows, or simply if you prefer that your vehicle stays 'promotion free' outside of work hours. We help create bespoke and flexible solutions for every customer and support you every step of the way.. A byproductof the oil refining process, it is compressed into a liquid for ease ofstorage and delivery. In a domestic storage tank, fuel vaporizes in theupper part of the vessel which can be tapped for use as a cooking and heatinggas. In cold climates, the ambient temperature is sometimes too lowfor the propane to vaporize fast enough, in which case a heat source, knownas a vaporizer must be used. In its natural form, Propane has no smelland an odorant is added before distribution, for safety reasons. The propane industry uses many different types and sizes of tanks, from30,000 or more gallons at the distributor, to a barbecuecylinder. 021820161451 SEE CUSTOM VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL WATER TANKS PAGE FOR OTHER SIZES, LININGS, INSULATION Copyright © 1997-2016 Roy E.

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