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The costs of these services depend on around 250 factors, including, above all, the popularity of keywords for which we wish to promote a website. It is impossible to precisely determine the amount of time needed for effective website optimization.
A website ranking in search engine results depends, among others, on: its age, the value of links to the website, optimisation for SEO, and whether the website has been SEOed before. Based on our experience gained so far, website optimization for low and medium competitive keywords takes from several weeks up to 3 months.

We do not charge any prepayment fees a€“ the amount specified in the contract is charged when the optimized website is listed among the first ten Google search results for selected keywords. We do not charge any fees if the website is ranked lower than the tenth position of search results. In the case of websites optimized for high and very high competitive keywords, this process takes from 3 up to 6 months, and sometimes even longer. Provision of access data for the Customer Panel containing current reports on SEO results (the customer can keep track of the results).

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